Constitution and Bylaws Committee 2011 Report

Saturday May 28, 2011 10:00-11:00am

Present: Rafael E. Tarragó (Chair) and John Wright

Two years ago, this Committee proposed the revision of the Constitution and the Bylaws of SALALM so as to be integrated into one document. After the committee meeting last year, our previous chair, Jane Garner, led this effort by drafting a document titled SALALM Bylaws, including the contents of the articles in our present Constitution and in our present Bylaws. Before our meeting in Philadelphia, the draft of the SALALM Bylaws compiled by Jane Garner was sent to all committee members by the present committee Chair. This draft was reviewed by the members present at our May 28 meeting to ensure that it contained all the information in the two documents that it is supposed to integrate, that the language was clear, and that references pertinent to developments that took place since the last revision of our Constitution and Bylaws in 1998 were included.
There are 15 articles in this draft, and at our meeting we were able to review the first three only; furthermore, there were two definitions that we felt we should consult the Secretary about. The members present at the meeting thought that it would be desirable to finish this review as soon as possible and that this could be done by e-mail. They decided that as a start, the Chair will send to the membership a copy of the three articles reviewed, showing where changes were made to the text as it was when Jane sent it to us before the Philadelphia meeting. After all members have reviewed the work made by those members, and the membership has come to a reasonable agreement on the wording of those three articles, the Chair will proceed to send to the membership the other 12 articles for review. They hope to be able to present a finished draft to the membership at the SALALM meeting in Trinidad in June 2012.

Respectfully submitted,
Rafael E. Tarragó, Chair
University of Minnesota