Interlibrary Cooperation Committee 2014 Report

Interlibrary Cooperation Committee Meeting

Saturday, May 11, 2014

Presented by Sarah Buck Kachaluba, Chair

In Attendance: Fernando Acosta-Rodríguez (Princeton University), Judy Alspach (Center for Research Libraries), Sarah Buck Kachaluba, Chair (Florida State University), Paula Covington (Vanderbilt University), Melissa Guy (Arizona State University), Jana Krentz (Yale University),  Paul Losch (University of Florida), Ricarda Musser (Ibero-American Institute), Peter Altekrueger (Ibero-American Institute), Gayle Williams (Florida International University)

This year’s meeting was a brainstorming session seeking feedback on a draft of an outline and new ideas for the book project, Collecting Latin America.  We briefly reviewed how the project came about; that the idea was to produce an anthology which presented an academic argument about the importance of Latin American Specialists for the future of libraries and information organizations now and in the future; discussed ideas already put forth about contents, and added the following additional ideas:

1- Institutional repositories (i.e. digital/online repositories of Latin American Scholarship) – suggested by Peter

2- Liaising/instruction – suggested by Paula

3- Gray literature/ephemera – suggested by Ricarda

4- Collection analysis/assessment – suggested by Paula

We then discussed the timeline and how to move forward.  A revised call for submissions will be issued as soon as possible.


Cataloging and Bibliographic Technology Subcommittee 2013 Report

Friday, May 17, 2013, 11:00am-12:00pm
Room Segovia A, Westin Colonnade Hotel, Miami, Florida

** Thank you to Ellen Jaramillo for taking notes for the meeting minutes **

Attendees: Ellen Jaramillo (Yale U.), Tina Gross (St. Cloud State U.), Sara Levinson (UNC-Chapel Hill), Brenda Salem (U. of Pittsburgh), John B. Wright (Brigham Young U.), Cecilia Sercan (Cornell), Peter S. Bushnell (U. of Florida), Sarah Leroy (U. of Pittsburgh), Steven Kiczek (San Diego State U.), Tim Thompson (U. of Miami), Pedro Figueroa (Books from Mexico), S. Lief Adleson (Books from Mexico), Licet Ruiz C. (Instituto de Historia de Nicaragua y Centroamérica), Felipe Varela (E-Libro), Alejandra Méndez (Biblioteca Juan de Córdova), Israel Quic (Bibliotecas Comunitarias Riecken), Daniel Schoorl (UCLA-HAPI), Bart Burk (U. of Notre Dame), Ana D. Rodriguez (U. of Miami), Melanie Polutta (Library of Congress), Ana Cristan (Library of Congress), Fernando Genovart (Librería García Cambeiro)

The meeting of the Cataloging and Bibliographic Technology Subcommittee was held May 17th from 11am-12pm. It was attended by 22 people and was headed by Subcommittee chair Brenda Salem. Attendance, which was higher than usual, included several libreros.

Ana Lupe Cristán, a Cooperative Cataloging Program Specialist in the Cataloging Policy and Support Office (CPSO) of the Library of Congress gave a presentation titled ‘Lessons Learned on Implementing RDA at the Library of Congress.’ The presentation, which included handouts, explained some of the changes to bibliographic records brought on by RDA (Resource Description and Access), the new cataloging standard that replaces AACR2 (Anglo-American Cataloging Rules, second edition), and “went live” this spring. She noted the RDA terminology in Spanish, and described the essentials for implementing a new cataloging code, the online curricula available in Spanish and English (Powerpoint presentations and videos are available on iTunes). She noted that a Spanish translation of the new RDA instructions are not yet available on the RDA Toolkit and urged attendees to leave feedback in the RDA Toolkit website in order to help move the process along. She also outlined the Bibliographic Framework (BIBFRAME) transition initiative to move away from the MARC21 encoding format to better accommodate future bibliographical needs and take advantage of newer technology.

Members and attendees briefly reported on the status of RDA training and implementation at their respective institutions. Several institutions have trained paraprofessionals in RDA. There was some frustration expressed due to the constantly changing online documentation on RDA and the lack of index to the RDA Toolkit. Library of Congress members noted that it is good policy to check the RDA documentation frequently. John B. Wright (BYU) mentioned that in the previous year, his institution enlisted the services of Gary Strawn (Northwestern U.) to create a program to update headings to comply with RDA (i.e. “Dept.” into “Department”, etc.) in their bibliographic files. He encouraged members to contact Gary Strawn and have him do the same thing for their institutions.

PRI Committee 2013 Report

The Policy, Research & Investigation Committee (PRI) held its annual meeting on Friday, May 17, 2013, 10-11 am. Attending the meeting were PRI members Cecilia Sercán, John B. Wright, Gayle Williams and Ellen Jaramillo (chair). Member Mark Grover arrived the following day and checked in with the Committee. We were delighted to have 12 additional conference attendees join the meeting, and explained to them the purpose of PRI, to serve as a “committee on committees,” advising the Executive Board with respect to the structure and formation of committees and assignment of committee responsibilities appropriate to SALALM goals, and encouraged them to join PRI.

PRI members wondered whether ISiS (Iberian Studies in SALALM) and ALZAR (Academic Latina/o Zone of Activism & Research) might find it better serves their needs if their groups would move from the status of “affiliated” or topical group to become Subcommittees. ISiS member Miguel Valladares was in attendance and said he would ask their membership. The idea was also introduced at the first Executive Board meeting on Saturday afternoon. There was no further action.

The Committee agreed that the deadline for receiving resolutions from the membership would be Monday, May 20, 2013, at 5:45 pm (before the Host Institutions’ Reception), and resolutions could be given to any PRI member. [This was announced at the Opening Session on Sunday morning, and members identified themselves.] The meeting was adjourned.

PRI met again on Tuesday, May 21, 2013, and discussed a resolution received from Peter T. Johnson, who proposed that the SALALM Scholarship Taskforce become the Subcommittee for the SALALM Scholarship, within the Membership Committee. Documentation on the purpose and activities of this proposed subcommittee has been crafted and will be sent to PRI. The documentation will be incorporated into the ongoing updating of the Operations Handbook. This resolution was presented at the Town Hall meeting on Wednesday, was seconded, and approved by the SALALM membership. PRI also drafted the following resolutions, which were presented at the resolutions at the Town Hall meeting on Wednesday; they were seconded, and approved by the SALALM membership.


At the 58th Seminar on the Acquisition of Latin American Library Materials, meeting in Coral Gables, Florida, May 17-22, 2013, be it resolved that SALALM thank:

our Academic Sponsors:

Florida International University Libraries, University of Miami Libraries, University of Pittsburgh University Library System, Center for Latin American Studies, University of Miami, and the Latin American and Caribbean Center at Florida International University.

our Coffee Break Sponsors:

Casalini Libri, e-Libro, Gale Cengage Learning, Libros Andinos, Retta Libros, and Susan Bach Books.

our Libreros’ Reception Sponsors:

Books & Books, Books from Mexico, Casalini Libri, E. Iturriaga & Cia., Esteva Servicios Bibliotecarios, Gale Cengage Learning,

Gavilanes Books from Indoamerica, Grupo Editorial Nacional, HBbooks Chile, Howard Karno Books, Inc.,

Iberoamericana Editorial Vervuert, The Latin American Book Store, Librería García Cambeiro, Librería Linardi y Risso,

Libros Andinos, Libros Argentinos para Todo el Mundo, Libros Centroamericanos Inc., Libros de Barlovento,

Libros Latinos, Libros Peruanos S.A., Literatura de Vientos Tropicales, MJSE: Libros de Todo México,

Puvill Libros Spain, México & Portugal, Retta Libros, and Sonia Silva Comércio de Livros.

SALALM extends special thanks to the Local Arrangements Team: Meiyolet Méndez and Gayle Williams.

The following individuals generously contributed to the organization of this conference:

Carol Ávila, SALALM Secretariat, the staff and volunteers from the University of Miami and Florida International University, Laurie Cohen from the University of Pittsburgh, Manomano Mukungurutse from Duquesne University, and the many Local Arrangements Volunteers from University of Miami Libraries and from Florida International University Libraries (including SALALM’s own Lesbia Varona and Tim Thompson).

Interlibrary Cooperation Committee 2013 Report

Friday, May 17, 2013, 2:00-3:00pm
Miami, Florida
Chair: Sarah Buck Kachaluba (Florida State University)
Minutes taken by: Emma Marschall (Tulane University)

In Attendance: Sarah A. Buck Kachaluba (Florida State University), Cecilia Sercan (Cornell University), Michael Scott (Georgetown University), Philip MacLeod (Emory University), Emma Marschall (Tulane University), Laura Shedenhelm (University of Georgia), Lisa Gardinier (University of Iowa), Hortensia Calvo (Tulane University), David Woken (University of Oregon), Chris Hernandez (Tulane University), Socrates Silva (University of California Santa Barbara), Gayle Wiliams (Florida International University), Melissa Guy (Arizona State University), Margarita Vanini (IHNCA/UCA, Nicaragua), Antonio Sotomayor (University of Illinois), Peter Altekrueger (IAI Berlin), and Christoph Müller (IAI Berlin) [17 people]

1. Sarah Buck Kachaluba asked for volunteers to replace her as chair of the committee. No one came forward so she asked those present to think about it and please contact her.

3. Sarah Buck Kachaluba gave a very brief report on collection statistics gathering for the past year. Eighteen people/institutions reported. The statistics are done but have not been submitted. Sarah will get them on the website ASAP.

4. General Introductions

5. Melissa Guy, Gayle Williams, and Sarah Buck Kachaluba facilitated a discussion and brainstorming session on how to approach and organize a book on Collecting Latin America. Some key questions discussed were:

  • What would make this publication unique and worthwhile to an academic or other publisher?
  • How could it be structured? Focus on the relevance of Latin American collections today and divide by subjects, or by institutions/collections? One approach is to have sections with thematic/theoretical overviews followed by case studies of individual examples. Possible sections include an Introduction to Latin American Collections and the Field of Latin American Studies, Collecting and Collection Development for Latin Americana, Access to Latin American materials in libraries, and Special Latin American Collections.
  • Who is the intended audience? Possible answers include library administrators, Latin Americanist librarians, Latin Americanist faculty members, and prospective Latin Americanist librarians.

All SALALMistas are encouraged to send ideas to Sarah Buck Kachaluba, Melissa Guy, Gayle Williams, and Daisy Domínguez by July 10th.

Sarah, Melissa, Gayle, and Daisy will synthesize this information and resend to the committee and anyone else who participates for approval.

Library/Bookdealer/Publisher Relations Report 2012

English below.

Inicialmente, queremos agradecer a la ahora ex-presidente de SALALM, Lynn Shirey, por su dedicación en la organización de la conferencia y especialmente, por su interés en conocer y cumplir con la necesidades de los libreros.

En la reunión de este año, los asistentes discutimos cinco principales tópicos que se resumen en las siguientes propuestas:

– La primera en relación al propósito del seminario de ser una instancia de encuentro entre libreros y bibliotecarios. Mucho agradeceríamos que se programaran más espacios de tiempo entre los paneles, en que los participantes de la conferencia puedan visitar la Exhibición o agendar citas con proveedores. Idealmente, éstos serían después de los coffee breaks.

–         Acerca de la organización local: sugerimos – cuando sea posible- que la Exhibición se ubique cerca de los salones de los paneles. También, que las Bookdealers’ Consultations – si permanecen programadas previamente a la apertura del Book Exhibits – se puedan llevar a cabo en ese mismo salón, para así asegurar un espacio cómodo y disponible para todos.

–         El tercer tema es el interés manifestado por una posible Pre-Conferencia en Miami, 2013. Los libreros están interesados en la posibilidad de obtener una vista general de la transición hacia las RDA, una introducción a las herramientas de catalogación y recursos disponibles online, herramientas para encabezamientos de materias  y sistemas de código abierto. Intereses que fueron recogidos por John Wright, Ellen Jaramillo y Stephanie Miles – a quienes agradecemos por su iniciativa y trabajo – en el Libreros’ Workshop de este año.

– Sobre los Coffee Breaks: tomado en consideración las restricciones financieras que todos hemos experimentado de algún modo, en los últimos años. Los libreros consideramos que no podemos continuar patrocinándolos ya que son un costo sustancial a financiar en adición a la exhibición, conferencia, recepción y gastos de viaje.

– Finalmente, sobre la Fiesta de Libreros: al igual que el año anterior, expresamos nuestra intención de continuar llevándola a cabo a pesar de los crecientes costos y la disminución en los aportes recaudados por parte de los libreros. El acuerdo común es simplificarla, retornándola a sus orígenes.


Alejandra Cordero Berenguer
HBBooks H. Berenguer Publicaciones Chilenas

Library/Bookdealer/Publisher Relations

First of all, we want to thank our now past president, Lynn Shirey, for all her dedication in organizing this conference and especially for her interest in learning and fulfilling the bookdealers’ needs.

In this year’s Committee meeting, the libreros discussed five main subjects that led to the following proposals:

  • The first one is in relation to the Seminar’s purpose of being: an annual encounter between librarians and book dealers. We would greatly appreciate the scheduling of more time in between panels, in which the attendees of the conference may visit the Book Exhibits or plan consultations. Ideally, they would be programmed after the coffee breaks.
  • With respect to local arrangements: we would like to suggest, when possible, that the exhibit be held near the panels. Also, that the bookdealers’ consultations – if they remain in schedule before the opening of the Book Exhibits – may take place in the exhibition venue in order to make sure that there will be comfortable space for all who attend.
  • The third subject is the interest in the possible pre-conference to take place in Miami. The libreros are interested in the chance to obtain: a general view of the transition to RDA; an introduction to the cataloging tools and resources available online; web tools for subject headings; and open source systems. All of the ideas collected by John Wright, Ellen Jaramillo and Stephanie Miles – to whom we thank for their work and initiative – in this year’s Libreros’ Workshop.
  • Coffee Breaks: Taking into account the financial strains we all have experienced in some way in the last few years, bookdealers consider that we may no longer sponsor them, as they are a substantial cost to finance in addition to the exhibit, conference registration, reception and travel expenses.
  • And finally, about the Libreros’ Reception: last year, we expressed our intention to continue hosting it despite the rising costs of having this event and the decreasing monetary contribution of exhibitors. The common agreement is to simplify the reception, returning it to its beginnings.


Alejandra Cordero Berenguer
HBBooks H. Berenguer Publicaciones Chilenas




Constitution and Bylaws Committee 2012 Report

Sunday June 16, 2012 8-9am

Present: David Block, Hortensia Calvo, Cecilia Sercan, Rafael E. Tarragó (Chair), John Wright


Rafael opened the meeting and addressed the first item in the agenda, a recommendation made by Ana Maria Cobos in the name of the Nominating Committee to the effect that Article III Section 1a and 1b of the present Constitution of SALALM be changed to express the adoption of e-ballots for SALALM elections. The members present agreed to introduce wording equivalent to that proposed by Ana Maria Cobos in the section on elections of the new chart of the SALALM.


The next item in the agenda was the SALALM Mission Statement. The draft for a Bylaws of SALALM drafted by Jane Garner and now being revised by the Committee includes a SALALM Mission Statement. David Block proposed the statement, “SALALM’s mission is to provide information resources that support research and teaching on Latin America and the Caribbean,” and the committee members present accepted it.


During the revision of the new Bylaws of SALALM some members of the committee sent their comments on articles after their revision had been made. Rather than going back, we moved ahead, but with the intention of revisiting those articles. The members present revisited the revisions of three articles. In Article II Section 2 and Section 3, David suggested that reference to the Western Hemisphere and to “inter-American studies” be deleted, because that terminology is no longer in use. Those members present agreed to make those changes. In Article III Section 2a (Personal Members), Rafael proposed the addition of Paraprofessional Members, because the addition of this type of personal membership was agreed by the Executive Board at the 2002 conference, and those members present agreed to the addition of  Paraprofessional Members category, and to its being described as “Paraprofessional Members shall be those engaged in librarian tasks without the title of librarian.” Rafael also proposed that in Article III Section 2c (Sponsoring Members), this membership be open to individuals as well as to institutions willing to sustain programs and activities of SALALM, and the members present accepted his proposal. Because there is no longer a SALALM Newsletter, Rafael  proposed to change Article III Section 3 (Rights and Privileges), because presently it states “All classes of members in good standing shall equally receive general communications of the SALALM Secretariat and the SALALM Newsletter.” He proposed to change that statement to:

“All classes of members in good standing shall equally receive general communications of the SALALM Secretariat.” There was agreement to this proposal, but Hortensia suggested that there should be a reference to LALA-L in that statement, to the effect that personal members have access to it. It was agreed to continue deliberation about the exact wording to be used in this section of Article III. The draft of the new Bylaws of the SALALM says in Article VIII Section1, on the subject of the annual seminar: “SALALM shall hold a program meeting once a year at a time and place determined by the Executive Board,” but Hortensia remarked that the Host decides the specific time and place of the annual conference. The group agreed to continue deliberation about this section of Article III by e-mail.

The committee adjourned at 9am.

Respectfully submitted,


Rafael E. Tarragó, Chair
Constitution and Bylaws Committee




Acquisitions Committee 2012 Report

Chair: Virginia García (2009/2012)

Serials Subcommittee Report

Chair: Alison Hicks (2009/2012)

Deb Kern ha elaborado una nueva lista de nuevas publicaciones periódicas, con predominio de Brasil, y Guayanas, esta lista será repartida entre los miembros del SALALM. También indicó que existían posibilidades de un nuevo proyecto con la Library of Congress en Rio, que no estén en las bases de SCIELO ó HAPI

Las nuevas publicaciones periódicas estarán disponibles aqui. Esta lista será incluida en la relación de nuevas publicaciones preparada por Ruby Gutierrez.

Peter Altekrüger y el IAI catalogaron 5,500 publicaciones periódicas, las mismas que están disponibles la base de datos ZDB:


Marginalized People and Ideas Subcommittee Report

Chair: Richard Phillips (2011/2014)

Richard Phillips hizo una exposición sobre las ventajas y desventajas de los sistemas de pensión y jubilación, así como todas las penurias por las que atraviesan todos las personas de la tercera edad, que pertenecen a este sistema.

Sonia Silva describió el crecimiento demográfico, así como todas las condiciones sociales y económicas por las que atraviesan los brasileros que viven en la zona fronteriza con el Paraguay. Esta población es conocida por el nombre Guayos.


Library/Bookdealer/Publisher Subcommittee Report

Chair: Linda Russo (2009/2012)

El tema general de este comité giró alrededor del tema de los e-books. Todos los participantes explicaron las bondades de este formato de libros, pero también se conversó sobre la desventaja que este nuevo formato puede traer para los libreros.

Library/Bookdealer/Publisher Relations 2011 Report


Primeramente queremos agradecer a los organizadores Joseph Holub, David Murray y Nerea Llamas por el tiempo y las gestiones que han hecho para ofrecernos a los libreros las máximas comodidades posibles.

Además extendemos el agradecimiento a la nueva presidenta Lynn Shirey por el interés que mostro en apoyar a nuestro grupo, haciéndose presente en nuestra reunión.

A su vez como presidente de libreros pido disculpas al Executive Board ya que dado mi itinerario de vuelo no pude estar presente en la reunión.


Sobre la presidencia

Para el presente año habrá una co-presidencia entre la presidenta entrante Alejandra Cordero (HBBooks H. Berenguer Publicaciones Chilenas) y el saliente Carlos Retta (RettaLibros).  A partir del año 2012, Alejandra Cordero asumirá el cargo de forma individual.

Sobre la Recepción de Libreros

En la reunión la mayoría de los libreros manifestaron su deseo de continuar con la fiesta y como una solución al tema del financiamiento, proponemos que a futuro todo expositor que presente una mesa debe hacer el aporte de forma obligatoria. Una opción es incluirlo en el precio de la primera mesa contratada, no duplicando este monto en caso de requerir mesas extra.

De no alcanzar el monto necesario para financiar la fiesta se debe contactar a la presidencia de libreros para hacer las gestiones correspondientes.

Adicionalmente, los libreros elaboraremos un documento con los parámetros a seguir para la organización de las futuras fiestas.

Sobre los Coffee Breaks

Hay interés de libreros en seguir auspiciando los mismos, aunque alentamos a que se unan otros patrocinadores “no libreros” como ya ha ocurrido anteriormente.

Sobre las Organización de la Conferencia en General

Los libreros agradecen y aprecian dos instancias que se han incluido en SALALM durante los últimos años: Bookdealer/Librarian Consultations  y Libreros Workshop. Se manifiesta un gran interés en que éstas permanezcan y en particular sobre el Bookdealer/Librarian Consultations  se sugiere que se lleve a cabo en el mismo salón en donde se realizará la exposición o en uno similar, para asegurar la disponibilidad de un espacio cómodo y adecuado (con mesas y sillas) para todos.


Carlos Retta
Retta Libros

Alejandra Cordero
Herta Berenguer Publicaciones Chilenas

Editorial Board 2011 Report

Saturday, May 28, 2011 5-6 p.m.
Present: Daisy Domínguez, Víctor Torres, Hortensia Calvo, Melissa Gasparotto, Gayle Williams, Peter Johnson, Paula Covington, John Wright, Orchid Mazurkiewicz (Chair)
1. Publishing notice from Ana María Cobos and Phil MacLeod
  • “SALALM, the Seminar on the Acquisition of Latin American Library Materials: The Evolution of an Area Studies Librarianship Organization”  in Pathways to Progress: Issues and Advances in Latino Librarianship, to be published by Greenwood  in 2011.

2. SALALM Papers

  • SALALM 52 (Molloy, 2007) is published
  • SALALM 53 (Wright, 2008) with the copy editor; aiming for end of June for completed edit and layout
  • SALALM 54 (Graham, 2009) papers are submitted and in prep for the copy editor; expect copy edit and layout to be completed by end of summer, 2011
  • SALALM 55 (Acosta, 2010) papers are submitted; expect copy edit and layout to be completed by end of summer, 2011

3. Bibliography of Bibliographies

  • Bibliography of Latin American & Caribbean Bibliographies 2004/2005-2005/2006

The Secretariat has just sent it to the printer; probably available shortly after the annual meeting

  • Bibliography of Latin American & Caribbean Bibliographies 2006/2007-2007/2008

Manuscript in preparation; Gayle Williams is determined to deliver it to the Secretariat in fall 2011

  • Bibliography of Latin American & Caribbean Bibliographies 1990-1999 cumulation to be published by Scarecrow Press in 2012

The possibility of turning the back issues into an online publication has been raised in the past. Melissa Gasparotto will investigate the technical issues. Paula Covington will investigate the costs of scanning the back-files of this and of the Papers.

4. Latin American Information Series

Melissa has identified some guidelines for the series that she is going to publicize on the web site. She will also put out a call for submissions.

5. Medina Award

Víctor Torres reported that a recipient for the award has been selected and will be announced at the opening session of the conference. Víctor also agreed to put together a brief set of guidelines for future Medina Award Committee chairs (deadlines, how to identify possible candidates, procedures, etc.).

6. Hispanic American Periodicals Index

Orchid Mazurkiewicz reported that the final HAPI volume to be published in print is being printed this summer and will be available for sale for $550. The redesign of the HAPI backend system continues. There is a search currently underway for a temporary 3-year position as Associate Editor. This person will help with the move to the new system, as well as assist in processing a backlog of HAPI records. Previously, volunteer indexers had been offered a free copy of the print volume in thanks for their contribution to HAPI. Since there will be no more print volumes, volunteer indexers will now be offered a 10% discount for their institution’s subscription to HAPI (institutions who already receive a consortial discount will receive an additional 5%).

7. Copyediting of SALALM Papers

Over the past couple of years, the possibility of no longer using a professional copyeditor for the Papers has been raised. While this would save SALALM around $2,000 per volume, the organization must be willing to accept a greater inconsistency in the quality of the papers. Orchid will investigate the possibility of either recruiting more members for the Editorial Board who have experience in copyediting and could assist with this or identifying a qualified SALALM member who might be willing to edit the Papers for a nominal fee as a service to SALALM.

8. Online repository

Orchid proposed that SALALM create and host an online repository of papers and presentations related to Latin American librarianship. This repository could include papers and presentations from the annual SALALM conference that aren’t included in the published volume, as well as relevant papers and presentations from other conferences. Melissa and Orchid will investigate the technical issues and will put together a proposal outlining the criteria for inclusion, procedures, etc.


Orchid Mazurkiewicz


Subcommittee on Official Publications 2011 Report

Sunday May 29, 9:00 – 10:00 AM.

Attending: Joseph Holub (Chair), Peter Altekrueger, Kent Norsworthy, Peter Stern

IAI’s Web harvesting: The IAI conducts periodic targeted Web
harvesting of documents, mostly PDF files, from Latin America. Peter
estimates that they acquire between 2,000-3,000 documents
per year, as many as one third of which may be official
publications. Due to copyright and intellectual property issues, a
two-tiered access system is used for these documents. The downloaded
document is cataloged and stored locally on IAI systems, where it is
subject to their preservation process. Local users who get access to one of these documents as part of their search results receive a link to the IAI locally stored version of the document. External or public users who find one of these documents in their search results get a link to the original document at the URL where it resided at the time it was downloaded by the IAI. Over time, when these links go bad; they are deleted from the IAI record.

The University of Texas, Austin, has run a Web archiving program to
capture the contents of Latin American government websites since 2005.
Approximately 275 sites from 17 Latin American and Caribbean countries
are crawled four times per year using the Internet Archive’s
Archive-It service. The resulting Latin American Government Documents
Archive (LAGDA) collection
contains thousands of born digital official
reports from government ministries in the region, as well as the
website context in which the reports were published. The collection
can be browsed by country and ministry, then by date of the archived
website copy, or full-text searched. While this broad-based approach
succeeds in harvesting a large volume of government documents, it is
sometimes difficult for users to locate the material as they have to
browse the archive collection as if they were browsing the actual live

The United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) announced via a written report submitted to the meeting that it expects to complete digitization of its historic archive of
publications covering the period since its founding in 1948 through
1986 by December 2011. Links to the digitized full text versions of
these documents will be availible to the public through ECLAC’s online

The IAI and the Benson Latin American Collection have a long-standing
exchange agreement under which once per year Peter Altekruger travels
to Austin, and Adan Benavides to Berlin, to examine duplicate items in
each library. Several thousand (over 40,000 to date) items are acquired per year through this mechanism for the cost of shipping plus travel.


Submitted by  Joseph Holub, Peter Altekrueger, and Kent Norsworthy