Interlibrary Cooperation Committee 2012 Report


Saturday, June 16, 2012 2:00-3:00 PM, Port of Spain, Trinidad

Chair: Sarah Buck Kachaluba (Florida State U)

In Attendance: Holly Ackerman (Duke U), Peter Altekrüger (Interamerican Institute, Berlin), Sarah Buck Kachaluba (Florida State U), Melissa Guy (Arizona State U), Phil MacLeod (Emory U), Peter Johnson (Emeritus, Princeton U), Barbara Robinson (USC), Michael Scott (Georgetown U), Laura Shedenhelm (U Georgia), Rafael E. Tarragó (U Minnesota), Gayle Williams (FIU), Mary Jo Zeter (Michigan State U)

Sarah Buck Kachaluba facilitated a review and some revision of the documentation used by this committee to report collection statistics.  She proposed offering the Excel spreadsheet only, accompanied by a word form to be used as a worksheet and guide which will clarify the headings for each category of data and provide a place for those reporting to write down figures before transposing them into the Excel document.  This was followed by a review of the different categories of collection data listed on the Excel spreadsheet.  Those present decided to eliminate some categories and revise others to make the meaning clearer.

Sarah asked Holly Ackerman if she would review Sarah’s revisions to the Excel spreadsheet and the Word document that will accompany it.  Holly agreed.

At this point, the group turned briefly to a discussion of a second agenda item introduced at last year’s (2011) meeting: the creation of a book-length work on Latin American collection development.  In 2011, a list of committee members interested in participating was created.  In response to Sarah Buck Kachaluba’s call, Melissa Guy and Gayle Williams volunteered to take the lead on this project.