Rapporteur Guidelines (2013)

Rapporteur Guidelines (2013)

Note for presenters: At least two weeks before the conference send an electronic copy of the manuscript to the panel chair and rapporteur of your session.


1. Meet with Rapporteur General, before your session, to review basic operation of digital audio recorder and recording procedures.

2. Get to the room in which your session is to take place ahead of the announced starting time. This will allow you to become familiar with the digital audio recorder and to get comfortable with your writing supplies. (SALALM will supply the digital audio recording equipment and a copy of the file you record will be available electronically, via an established Dropbox.com account, shortly after the conference) Introduce yourself to the session moderator and panelists. Ask the session moderator if unusual conditions are expected (e.g., lights out for slides) which could affect your note-taking. In other words: BE PREPARED.

3. Digitally audio record the session from the opening remarks and introductions to the very end of the question and answer session. REMIND the session moderator to invite members of the audience to identify themselves by name and institutional affiliation when asking questions or engaging in the discussion.

4. Take notes as you would for a business meeting. Verbatim reporting is NOT necessary unless, for the purpose of a direct quote, the precise wording of a speaker’s comments is crucial to your summary. Since your reports will be posted on the SALALM website, PLEASE USE DISCRETION WHEN REPORTING ABOUT SENSITIVE TOPICS. THE WEBSITE CONTENT EDITOR WILL ASSUME THAT WHATEVER YOU INCLUDE IS FIT FOR POSTING ONLINE. When summarizing the question and answer session, try to indicate of whom a particular question was asked, and by whom. EXAMPLE: Peter Johnson (Princeton) asked Víctor F. Torres (University of Puerto Rico) his opinion of developments…

5. REQUEST an electronic copy of any papers and/or PowerPoint presentations submitted by panelists. This will aid you in writing your report. DO collect any handouts, bibliographies, advertising materials, etc., which the panelists may distribute at the session and submit these to the Rapporteur General, noting which speaker, was responsible for them. These materials will be deposited with the SALALM archives in Austin, Texas.

6. If you wish to see past actual summary reports, please refer to http://salalm.org/Conf/tag/rapporteur-reports/, which includes the first batch of rapporteur reports from SALALM LVI in Philadelphia. The final summary report of your session should not exceed the equivalent of four (4) typed or word-processed 8.5×11″ sheets.

7. The DEADLINE for the receipt of your summary report is August 1, 2013.

8. Please an e-mail attachment of your summary report to Suzanne Schadl and Craig Schroer (schadl@unm.edu and craig@westga.edu). They will review and, if necessary, edit your reports and send them directly via email to the Website Content Editor for a final review. This will ensure that your reports appear in a timely fashion on the SALALM Website. It is our goal to have all reports submitted for inclusion on the SALALM Website. This is why the deadline is so important.

Thank you very much for helping to make this SALALM annual conference a success!


Roberto C. Delgadillo