Guidelines for Moderators

Guidelines for Moderators (pdf)

Moderator Guidelines for the 58th SALALM Conference
All the panels are 1 ½ hour.
For a four-member panel each presenter will have 15min.

For a three-member panel each presenter will have 20min.

Q&A will be 30min. approx.

Moderator guidelines
The moderator of each session is very important and contributes to the success of the event.
The following list is a guide to help moderators know what is expected of them at the conference and what their basic responsibilities are.
Duties of the moderator are:

  • Familiarize yourself with the venue layout and location of the session(s) you are moderating
  • Introduce yourself to the speakers in advance and work out how they would like to be introduced to the audience.
  • Inform them that the Q&A will be done at the end of the session
  • Make sure the session starts on time
  • Introduce yourself to the audience and welcome everyone to the session
  • Announce the name of the session and duration – this may include more than one presentation for the whole breakout session
  • Introduce the speakers to the audience
  • Handle the transition between speakers during the session
  • Watch the time and signal the presenter
  • Make sure the speaker can be heard. Be an advocate for the audience as needed
  • Help with any handouts the speaker might have (and announce that to the audience if appropriate)
  • Help with microphones and questions from the audience at the end
  • Intervene with presenters or audience as needed to make the Q&A effective
  • Thanks the speaker(s) at the end of the session (and ask for applause)

Please don’t panic!
There are conference volunteers who know what to do or who to contact!
The Rapporteurs will also help.
Martha E. Mantilla President SALALM LVIII