Gifts and Exchanges Subcommittee 2011 Report

Saturday, May 28, 2011 2:00-3:00pm

Two members of the Gifts & Exchanges Subcommittee attended the meeting.  They were Martha Mantilla, the current Chair, and Ricarda Musser, the new Chair of  this committee.   They talked about the purpose and relevance of the committee given the lack of interest and the decrease in membership.  Currently, there are only two members listed in the Committees and Committee Members, 2010/2011 SALALM official list, which is based on membership renewals.  For the last four years only three or four people have consistently  attended the meetings.  This subcommittee has lost its purpose given the fact that the Gifts & Exchanges programs have been eliminated from almost all the libraries represented in SALALM.   Ricarda and Martha were in agreement that this subcommittee should be eliminated and recommend that the proper procedures be followed to this end.


Martha Mantilla, Chair
University of Pittsburgh