Finance Committee Meeting II

Finance Committee Meeting #2
Thursday, May 12, 2016, 11:30am-12:30pm
James Monroe Room, Omni Hotel

Minutes Submitted by Meiyolet Méndez

The meeting began at 11:35 am

Present Finance Committee Members: Fernando Acosta-Rodríguez, Sarah Buck Kachaluba (Chair), Hortensia Calvo, Paula Covington, Luis A. Gonzalez, Peter Johnson, Alma Ortega, Jennifer Osorio, Wendy Pedersen, Daniel Schoorl

Also Present: Bárbara Alvarez, Maria Luisa Bocanegra, Paloma Celis Carbajal, Daisy Domínguez,

A.J. Johnson, Meiyolet Méndez, Barbara Miller, Hannivett Nabahe, Gustavo Navarro, Betsaida Reyes, Suzanne Schadl, Barbara Tenenbaum

I. Opening Remarks/Welcome (Sarah Buck Kachaluba)

II. Proposed Budget FY 2016-2017 (Hortensia Calvo)

H. Calvo distributed the proposed budget for the coming fiscal year, which includes a raise for Carol Avila ($38,490), who is the only SALALM employee.  The budget also includes the fees for the following:

  • Detailed legal and copyright advice: This includes $1500 for director’s and officers’ insurance, which has to be purchased in Louisiana because that is where the SALALM Secretariat is located.  This determination was made following the completion of a commissioned report to ensure that SALALM is complying with best practices.  The quote for the insurance is very high because officers manage the endowment.  When the endowment reaches $100,000, TIAA-CREF will move it into a managed category that includes insurance)

●       Supplies and postage

●       Medina Award

●       Domain registration

●       Bank and credit fees

●       Institutional membership for ALA

●       Outreach funds

●       Web Development Software

●       A Subscription to Survey Monkey for annual elections of SALALM officers

●       An increased allocation of $8,000 for Travel Scholarships (approved during Finance I: any unspent amount of this $8,000 — i.e. if travel scholarships come in under $8000.00 – in a given year will roll over for use the following year.  This money will be tracked via a separate line in the annual expenditure report and this will be facilitated by the use of Quickbooks.

●       A permanent allocation of $5,000 for the Dan Hazen Scholarship fund (approved during Finance I)

●       An $500 reserve for technology needs

●       A $4500 reserve (roll-over from the previous year)

●       A subscription to Go to Meeting

●       Editorial expenses ($8200)

●       Reaching total expected expenditures of $73,117

Those present endorsed a motion to present the proposed budget to the Executive Board.

III. Interim Conference Report (Hortensia Calvo)

H. Calvo reported that there were no further updates regarding on-site registrations since Finance I and P. Johnson explained that M. Valladares Llata would report the final conference numbers at the Final Executive Board meeting.

IV. Future Conferences

U MI (2017) Revised Budget (Sarah Buck Kachaluba)

  • After discussion, those present decided to recommend the following changes to the conference operating budget to the Executive Board:
  • increase conference registration fees to ensure increased income to pay for the U Michigan and future conferences.  The (proposed) revised registration fees were for $130 for SALALM Members and $150 for non-members
  • change the Presidential Travel Award to $3,000 for the foreseeable future in order to facilitate the conferences at Michigan and Mexico

  • In response to a query from B. Alvarez as to whether SALALM would be able to cover refreshment breaks, P. Johnson suggested that it might be necessary to revise plans for refreshment breaks and H. Calvo suggested that conference planners consider fundraising to supplement funds given by the Libreros for this purpose.
  • D. Dominguez raised additional questions about funding needs for the Michigan conference.  She explained that the Michigan Conference planners wanted to hold workshops and were seeking information about whether funds exist to pay facilitators, and specifically, if the presidential travel fund is designated only for the keynote speaker.  H. Calvo replied that all numbers presented at the previous SALALM conference are understood to be preliminary and are expected to change.  A revised, interim conference budget for the next calendar year is due by Dec. 15 and specific discussions will continue about the coming conference’s budget.  Furthermore, opportunities for outside fundraising may present themselves as organizers work through the budget in preparation for the conference.  P. Celis Carbajal shared her experience that providing a preliminary budget for new initiatives, even if it is only an estimate is helpful.
  • Specific discussions will continue regarding this issue.  D. Dominguez and S. Buck Kachaluba both asked for clarification on what happens to surplus income from previous conferences.  H. Calvo replied that such funds are retained by the Secretariat and are used to fund regular operating costs and conferences in future years.  In other words, such funds roll into the SALALM budget to be used as needed in future years.  P. Johnson added that as we plan for future conferences we should keep in mind the need to provide high quality professional development opportunities.

The proposed revised budget was approved by the Finance Committee and forwarded to be submitted for final approval by the Executive Board.

Colegio de México (2018) Revised Budget (Sarah Buck Kachaluba)

  • The revised budget reflected the increased registration fees but did not update the presidential travel award.

Those present endorsed a motion to present a further-revised proposed budget (including the correct amount for the presidential travel award) to the Executive Board.

The Finance Committee thanked both hosts for their proposals.  P. Johnson also thanked previous hosts for generating income.

V. Libreros’ Proposal to Change Exhibitor Fee Structure (Alvaro Linardi Risso)

Alvaro Risso shared the Libreros’ proposal to change the way they are asked to provide funding for the conference.  Instead of paying a fee for an exhibit table and making additional, separate paid donations to provide for the Libreros’ party and coffee breaks, the Libreros proposed paying one flat fee/tarifa, which would include the fee for table rental(s) and donations for the libreros’ party and coffee breaks.  The flat fee would be different for SALALM members and non-members.  Under the new policy:

  • SALALM members (who pay a separate membership fee) would pay a fee/tarifa of $675 (which consists of a $275 table fee, a $300 donation for the Libreros’ party, and a $100 donation for coffee breaks).
  • Non-members would pay a fee/tarifa of $800 (which consists of a $400 table fee, a $300 donation for the Libreros’ party, and a $100 donation for coffee breaks).

H. Calvo asked about the possibility of charging for a second table.  Those present decided to recommend that exhibitors pay an additional fee for a 2nd table.  They also recommended that SALALM reserve the right to adjudicate such costs according to perceived need, while maintaining transparency. When SALALM occurs in a more expensive city, SALALM, in conversation with the Libreros, may raise the fees.

P. Celís Carbajal asked if it is necessary to include a statement about the possibility of sharing tables in the policy and P. Johnson asked about the possibility of allowing NGOs to exhibit free of charge.

H. Calvo suggested that such issues would be addressed by the conference planning committee for any given year, which would create exceptions to the general rule as necessary in specific conferences and specific conference situations.

She suggested a clear written proposal outlining the suggested proposals.

Those present approved a motion P. Johnson moved to accept and present the proposal, with amendments as reflected in the discussions, to the Executive Board.  Those present approved the motion.

VI. New Business

Scholarship Committee (Adrian Johnson)

  • In the past, any surplus in the scholarship allocation (of $8000.00) left from the annual conference has informally rolled over for use in following years.  The Scholarship Committee requested that this become formal procedure.  SALALM wants to continue brining as many scholarship recipients as possible to the conference.H. Calvo suggested keeping track of the balance in the Scholarship Account by creating a separate line for this in the Secretariat’s annual budget.  P. Johnson agreed, but also suggested capping the balance and checking in on it annually so that it did not become stagnant.  H. Calvo seconded this proposal.  Those present agreed to present this proposal to the Executive Board.

Enlace (Betsaida Reyes)

  • ENLACE proposed that at the time that they renew memberships, SALALM members have the option to make a one-time donation of $30.00 to ENLACE in commemoration of the 30th anniversary.  ENLACE wanted to create an endowed fund with such donations.  Discussion ensued about the fact that setting up an endowed would require several thousand dollars.  P. Johnson suggested that the donations for ENLACE could go into the existing endowment and he would track and report the earnings for ENLACE’s donations and consequent allocation accordingly by maintaining a separate line item in the endowment.  Barbara Tennenbaum asked for clarification on where her previous donations to ENLACE had gone.  Daniel Schoorl explained that ENLACE currently has its own account with a balance of $15,000.  Every year, ENLACE uses approximately $4000-$5000 to bring ENLACE scholarship recipients to the annual conference.  P. Covington clarified that the $30 2016 donations were a one-time thing.  B. Robinson added that although the additional ENLACE donations would probably not be used in the short-term, by being added to the endowment, they could increase in value over time.  Those present approved this plan and agreed to present this proposal to the Executive Board.
  • B. Reyes also explained that the video she had created for ENLACE’s 30th anniversary would be submitted as an in-kind gift for SALALM.  She would submit and invoice and receive a receipt to use for tax purposes.

The meeting adjourned at 12:35 pm


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