Executive Board Meeting Minutes 2012 Pt. I

p>SALALM LVII, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
Executive Board Meeting I, June 16, 2012
Minutes as corrected

Present, Executive Board: David Block, Hortensia Calvo, Peter T. Johnson, Sean Knowlton, Nerea A. Llamas, Paul Losch, Martha E. Mantilla, Lynn Shirey, Mary Jo Zeter, Roberto C. Delgadillo (Rapporteur). Also present: Fernando Acosta-Rodríguez, Jesús Alonso-Regalado, Barbara Alvarez, Angela Carreño, Paloma Celis-Carbajal, Ana María Cobos, Paula Covington, Patricia Figueroa, Pamela M. Graham, Adán Griego, Orchid Mazurkiewicz, Mei Méndez, Richard Phillips, Cecilia Sercán, Sócrates Silva, Rafael E. Tarragó, Miguel Valladares, Gayle Williams, John B. Wright

I. The meeting was called to order at 4:39 p.m. with Shirey presiding.

II. Minutes of SALALM LVI had been distributed via e-mail. The minutes were unanimously approved with no corrections.

III. Reports
A. Officers
1. President (Shirey). Shirey began her report by welcoming conference participants. She thanked members of the Local Arrangements Committee and others involved in helping to plan and overcome programing and logistical challenges posed by hosting an overseas 4-day conference. She expressed hope that future conferences will follow this shortened conference timeframe. Shirey continued by noting the Executive Board’s acceptance of an invitation from the University of Miami Libraries and Florida International University Libraries to host SALALM LVIII in Coral Gables. She thanked Méndez and Williams for their time and initial efforts in planning and sponsoring next year’s conference panels and events scheduled for the 17th to 22nd of May. Shirey concluded by asking Mantilla to deliver her report.
2. Vice-President/President-Elect (Mantilla). Mantilla began and ended her report by warmly thanking the general membership for having elected her into office and announced that she would discuss next year’s conference theme during the second meeting of the Executive Board.
3. Past President (Llamas). Llamas reported as having submitted 10 of 12 presentation papers from SALALM LVI for subsequent secondary review and publication by the Secretariat at the end of June.
4. Executive Secretary (Calvo). Calvo began her report by announcing that as of June 9, 2012 SALALM has:
Personal Members
• New Personal Members: 16
• Emeritus Members: 02
• Student Members: 13
• Honorary Members: 14
• Total Personal Members: 202*
*Includes: New members, Emeritus, Students, and Honorary
Institutional Members
• Sponsoring Members: 23
• Total Institutional Members: 101*
*Includes: Sponsoring members
Total SALALM Members: 303
She soberly conveyed, for the second year in a row, the organization’s decrease in membership numbers. She noted the Secretariat’s on-going efforts to address the aforementioned downward membership trend. She warmly praised Carol Avila’s diligence in reviewing membership renewals, especially institutional memberships, to correct inconsistencies in contact information and billing procedures and payments. She next announced that the Secretariat sold 23 publications—outside of subscriptions—that generated sales amounting to $1,015. She continued by noting the Secretariat’s migration of its electronic files to Active Directory, a file sharing and management software, that allows for greater security by saving files to an offsite server. Calvo and Avila have access to all files and may work on them remotely in case of any emergency. Calvo then shifted attention to the organization’s promotional activities that included staffed booths at the Annual Meeting of the American Library Association (ALA) last June and the Latin American Library’s Open House, held on September 16, which led to an attendant sale of 1 publication. She next mentioned having met with representatives of the Buenos Aires Book Fair and associated bodies to discuss their wish to host SALALM in 2015. She added that additional details of this meeting would be conveyed during the Executive Board’s scheduled agenda discussion of future meetings. Calvo continued and announced the Secretariat’s work with the family of Alan Moss to send a donation in his memory to the Barbados Cancer Society. She noted similar efforts with Beverly Karno to send a donation in memory of Howard Karno. Calvo finished her report by once again warmly praising Avila in adapting to new workflows that include online payment of membership, conference and webinar registration via PayPal.
5. Treasurer (Johnson). Johnson began his report with a summation of the organization’s accounts and their varying time-tables. He then devoted his report to a discussion of the organization’s current and past endowment funds performance. He noted that as of last week their value stood at $736,400. Johnson then announced that the organization’s fiscal year balance ended at $90,000. Taken together, Johnson observed, the organization’s liquid assets total nearly $800,000. He continued by assuring the membership that the organization’s modernization through an increased Web presence and adoption of new accounting software demonstrates its vitality and commitment to meeting the concerns of its members. Johnson then shifted and announced preliminary efforts to secure insurance for the organization’s officers. Johnson ended his report by encouraging new and veteran members to join him and or associated bodies in continuing to modernize and improve the organization’s fiscal condition.
6. Rapporteur General (Delgadillo). Delgadillo reported as having secured rapporteurs for all scheduled conference panels. He announced that this conference would be his last as Rapporteur General. Delgadillo continued by saying that he was in the process of looking for a replacement to confirm by the time of the second meeting of the Executive Board. He warmly thanked the Finance Committee for its past support in securing a laptop and digital audio recorders that allowed him and those following him greater ease in carrying out the duties of the Rapporteur General. Delgadillo concluded his report by thanking the Executive Board and membership with having entrusted him with the responsibilities attached to being the Rapporteur General.

B. Members-at-Large
1. Benavides (2009-2012). No report.
2. Knowlton (2009-2012). “
3. Block (2010-2013). “
4. Hull (2010-2013). “
5. Paul Losch (2011-2014). “
6. Mary Jo Zeter (2011-2014). Zeter conveyed a member’s suggestion that the organization create a new forum to facilitate discussion and learning between librarians and vendors with respect to trends and changes associated with eBooks. Zeter concluded her report by noting that the member feels the increasing growth of eBooks is an important enough topic that it deserves a new and distinct forum as opposed to the issues tasked to existing organization bodies. Brief recap and discussion ensued with Valladares (self-identified as the member that Zeter spoke of in her report), Calvo, Llamas, and Johnson affirming the need to discuss the aforementioned suggestion during the Town Hall Meeting and the second meeting of the Executive Board.

C. Executive Board Committees
1. Local Arrangements (Elmelinda Lara). Shirey delivered the committee’s report on Lara’s behalf. She concisely presented the following preliminary conference statistics:
• Registered Registrants (Regular Members & Exhibitors): 150
• Full-Time Local Registrants (Institutional Non-Members): 17
• One-Day Local Registrants (Regular Non-Members): 80
• Conference Profits: $2,000*
Shirey finished her report by thanking SALALM LVII host, academic, corporate, and Librero sponsors and a membership reminder to view conference panel location changes via external hotel conference room monitors.
2. Constitution and Bylaws (Tarragó). Tarragó reported the committee as having met and reviewed a draft revision of the SALALM Constitution and Bylaws. He noted that the committee combined the two aforementioned documents into a single “Bylaws.” Tarragó continued by announcing that Jane Garner agreed to re-write the committee’s draft. This final draft should be ready by the end of December 2012. Tarragó stressed that in order to revise the Constitution and Bylaws, a vote by the membership is necessary. He added that the committee will contact the membership for comments and or suggestions. Tarragó ended his report with an optimistic tone and feels he’ll then present the new SALALM charter for the 2013 meeting and subsequent membership vote.
3. Policy, Research and Investigation (Sercán). Sercán began her report by announcing that the Gifts and Exchanges and Official Publications Subcommittees have been disbanded after committee review. She continued by noting the merger of the Bibliographic Instruction and Reference Services Subcommittees. They will conduct their duties and business under a new name: Research and Instruction Services. Sercán then conveyed the committee’s discussion of the Nominating Committee’s concern about wording in the “Operations Handbook” in the aftermath of the organization’s switch from paper to electronic ballots. She confirmed that the Nominating Committee provided the committee with the necessary wording to update language in the aforementioned handbook. The committee, Sercán explained, will update the language after the Constitution and Bylaws Committee finishes its work that includes updating the citations to the part of the Constitution that are in the “Operations Handbook.” She then announced that the new committee chair is Ellen Jaramillo. Sercán concluded her report with a motion: “that 3 of the substantive committees, Acquisitions, Access and Bibliography, and Library Operations and Services schedule their own informal meetings at SALALM since they serve to collect and present to the Executive Board the working of their constituent committees.” Shirey seconded the motion. Shirey called for a discussion of the motion. No discussion occurred. Shirey called for a vote. The motion passed unanimously.
4. Membership Committee (Griego). Griego began his report by noting his having been appointed to fill the remainder of Nashieli Marcano’s term as committee chair. He next announced that the committee resolved a number of communication problems between new members and the organization. Griego deferred detailed discussion of the committee’s interactions with the SALALM Scholarship Task Force, chaired by Johnson, and the SALALM Webinar Pilot Project Working Group, chaired by Mazurkiewicz. He finished by acknowledging the presence of two new conference attendees: John Kroondyk and Carolyn Palaima. At this point, Johnson acknowledged another new conference attendant: Samuel Wicks.
5. Editorial Board & José Toribio Medina (JTM) Award (Mazurkiewicz). Mazurkiewicz noted the following publications as complete and or in progress:
Conference Proceedings

• No. 53. Encounter, Engagement and Exchange: How Native Populations of the Americas Transformed the World, John B. Wright, (editor) (published), 2008;
• No. 54. Migrations and Connections: Latin America and Europe in the Modern World, Pamela M. Graham (editor) (in progress—at the printers), 2009;
• No. 55. The Future of Latin American Library Collections and Research: Contributing and Adapting to New Trends in Research Libraries, Fernando Acosta-Rodríguez (editor) (in progress—at the typesetter), 2010;
• No. 56. Preserving Memory: Documenting and Archiving Latin American Human Rights, Nerea A. Llamas (editor) (in progress—papers just submitted), 2011.

Commercial Publications

• Williams, Gayle Ann. Bibliography of Latin American and Caribbean Bibliographies. Annual Report, 2006/2007-2007/2008) (in progress—awaiting submission to Secretariat in August).
Mazurkiewicz then confirmed that the board is reviewing a submitted bibliography for consideration in the Bibliography & Reference Series. She next noted interest from several individuals willing to submit works for inclusion in the Latin American Information Series. Mazurkiewicz then announced, for the second year in a row, that the JTM Award would not be given due to a lack of recipients. She ended her report by summarizing the initial development of an open access repository. Examples of repository content include pre- and postprints, PowerPoint presentations, and resource tools of interest to the membership. A secondary aim of this repository, Mazurkiewicz observed, is to increase traffic to the organization Web Page. In the same spirit of directing traffic, she also announced the board’s intention of uploading remaining digital back issues of the SALALM Newsletter. Brief discussion ensued with Knowlton, Calvo, Losch, and Johnson offering suggestions and comments ranging from:
• The creation of additional archival institutional repositories at Tulane and the University of Texas at Austin;
• Inclusion of newsletter issues in the Internet Archive Web Page;
• Increasing use and preference of digital version of newsletter versus that of print;
• To the fiscal implications of total open access versus a moving firewall of newsletter issues.
6. Finance (Covington). Covington began her report by noting the committee’s review of the Treasurer’s reports, the Secretariat’s reports and Secretariat proposed 2012-2013 budget. She announced the committee’s pending approval of the budget is due to additional review of proposed fiscal policies and procedures. She warmly praised Johnson for his thorough presentations of finance and legal related issues, policies and proposals. Covington next acknowledged the committee’s approval of the Investment Working Group’s recommendation that SALALM use TIAA-CREF to manage its investments. She next noted the committee’s review of the need for liability insurance for the directors and officers of the organization along with a proposal for an audit. Covington concluded her report with a summary of income and expenses stemming from the 2011 Philadelphia conference, this current conference and preliminary figures for the 2013 Miami conference.
7. Nominating (Cobos). Cobos announced the selection of Roberto C. Delgadillo as the new Vice President/President Elect and Paloma Celis-Carbajal and Daisy V. Domínguez as the new Members-at-Large. She noted that 71% of the membership voted in the elections. There were 182 eligible voters with 129 votes cast. Cobos observed that this was the first time that SALALM used electronic ballots via SurveyMonkey. She continued by announcing that the new committee Chair is Stephanie Rocío Miles and identified incoming committee members as Marisol Ramos and Phillip MacLeod. She thanked the efforts of past committee chair Jesús Alonso-Regalado. Cobos ended her report by noting that additional committee items discussed included:
• Establishing new electronic balloting procedures;
• Reminder to potential candidates that their biographies will be public on the organization web page;
• Recommendation to use SurveyMonkey for future elections and that the Executive Board add the cost of its use fee to future organization budgets;
• Recommendation that the present organization constitution express the adoption of e-balloting;
• Recommendation to standardize committee name in organization constitution, bylaws and handbook, namely Nominating versus Nominations.
Brief discussion ensued with Calvo, Griego, Johnson, and Cobos offering suggestions and comments ranging from:
• What will be expected of candidates running for the organization presidency;
• Inclusion of photos to accompany candidate biographies;
• To the standardization of voting cut-off date.
8. LALA-L (Williams). Williams began her report by announcing that LALA-L enrollment is higher than the number of personal memberships but ongoing work with the Secretariat will soon rectify this situation. She noted that continued personal membership is a requirement for LALA-L access. Williams finished by announcing that come August 2012, LALA-L will be 21 years old.
9. Outreach/Enlace (Silva). Silva began his report by noting as having received and reviewed 13 applications. He next identified this year’s Enlace scholarship winners as Fernando da Silva Assumpção of the Academia Brasileira de Literatura de Cordel and Diana Patricia Restrepo Torres of the Biblioteca Luis Ángel Arango del Banco de la República, Colombia. He noted that the expenditures, for both winners, totaled $2,540. Silva finished his report by warmly acknowledging Griego and Celis-Carbajal for helping him understand his duties and committee logistics.
10. Communications (Daisy V. Domínguez; not present). Melissa Gasparotto will present the committee’s report on Domínguez’s behalf during the E-SALALM session.
11. Ad Hoc Committees
A. Webinar Pilot Project Working Group (Mazurkiewicz). Mazurkiewicz started her report with a summary of the salient aspects of the group’s charge. She next detailed the group’s first and second webinar experiments with the ALA’s International Relations Office (IRO). She succinctly described the procedures that worked and those in need of additional streamlining. Mazurkiewicz concluded her report with the group’s recommendations that:
• The organization aim to host one or more webinars per year;
• Create a Webinar Coordinator position reporting, possibly, to the Communications or Membership committees;
o The duties of the Webinar Coordinator would include:
 Work with a small sub-committee or bodies deemed appropriate by the Executive Board to manage webinar logistics (coordinating dates with the IRO, communicate with organization webmaster on the creation of a registration page and the Secretariat on payments, etc.);
 Solicit webinar proposals from the membership and or recruit instructors for specific topics;
 Evaluate webinar proposals.
Lengthy discussion ensued with Johnson, Calvo, Mazurkiewicz, Griego, Graham, Wright, Shirey, and Celis-Carbajal offering suggestions and comments ranging from:
• The need to establish timeframes and firm communication with Secretariat regarding webinar content;
• Marketing webinars to Library Science programs, associated bodies of the ALA and FIL partipants;
• Formulation of future webinar quality-control procedures;
• To tying webinar access as a benefit to new personal membership.
B. Scholarship Task Force (Johnson). Johnson began his report with a summary of the task force’s history and aims. He then identified Barnhart, Alison Hicks, Alonso Regalado, Celis Carbajal, Williams, Nathalie Soini, and Zeter as the other members of the task force. He next detailed its efforts to create a candidate pool for the scholarship. Johnson noted that during the fall semester 17 applications arrived and for spring 11. Selection was difficult, and in fall two candidates were judged to merit the scholarship: Lisa Cruces (The University of Texas at Austin) and Timothy Thompson (Indiana University). For spring semester David Fernández (University of Toronto) received the scholarship. Johnson strongly urges the organization to continue funding for another year. He ended his report by acknowledging the strong and consistent assistance of Gasparotto and Avila in helping the task force with its work.

At this point, Shirey paused the meeting–due to time constraints–and requested that the Interest Groups defer their reports until the second meeting of the Executive Board.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:10 p.m.