Executive Board Meeting Minutes 2010 Pt. I

Executive Board Meeting I, July 24, 2010

Minutes as corrected.

Present, Executive Board: Fernando Acosta-Rodríguez, Adán Benavides, Hortensia Calvo, Patricia Figueroa, Jane Garner, Pamela M. Graham, Sean Knowlton, Nerea Llamas, Martha E. Mantilla, Sandra Pike-Raichel, Gayle Williams, Roberto C. Delgadillo (Rapporteur). Also present: S. Lief Adleson, Jesús Alonso-Regalado, Anne C. Barnhart, David Block, Paula Covington, Daisy Domínguez, Georgette Dorn, Adán Griego, Nancy Hallock, Alison Hicks, Joseph Holub, Darlene Hull, Ellen Jaramillo, Martha Kelehan, Eudora Loh, Paul Losch, Nashieli Marcano, Orchid Mazurkiewicz, Kaydee McCann, Stephanie Miles, Molly Molloy, David Murray, Tracy North, Richard Phillips, Carlos Retta, Daniel Schoorl, Cecilia Sercán, Laura D. Shedenhelm, Lynn Shirey, Miguel Valladares

I. The meeting was called to order at 4:02 p.m. with Acosta-Rodríguez presiding.

II. Minutes of SALALM LIV had been distributed via e-mail. The minutes were unanimously approved with no corrections.

III. Reports

A. Officers

1. President (Acosta-Rodríguez). Acosta-Rodríguez welcomed conference participants and asked Executive Board Members to deliver their reports. He began and ended his report by warmly thanking Figueroa, the Local Arrangements Committee, Brown University, vendors, and the Secretariat for their time and efforts in planning and sponsoring conference panels and events.

2. Vice-President/President-Elect (Llamas). Llamas elected to keep her comments short. She expressed how pleased she was with Figueroa and her staff in attending to conference matters. Llamas concluded her report by requesting that she defer new Chair announcements to Executive Board Committees, Substantive Committees and Subcommittees until the business meeting.

3. Past President (Graham). Graham reported as still in the process of gathering presentation papers from SALALM LIV for subsequent publication by the Secretariat. She anticipates being done by the end of this calendar year or early spring of next year. Graham finished her report by succinctly summarizing the ongoing progress of work and interest stemming from her e-SALALM proposal/charge.

4. Executive Secretary (Calvo). Calvo began her report by announcing that as of July 10, 2010 SALALM has:

Personal Members

  • New Personal Members:    20

  • Emeritus Members:    12

  • Student Members:    13

  • Honorary Members:    13

  • Total USA Members:  187

  • Total Foreign Members:    54

  • Total Personal Members:  241*

*Includes: New members, Emeritus, Students, Honorary, USA & Foreign


Institutional Members

  • Sponsoring Members:  21

  • Total USA Members:  77

  • Total Foreign Members:  29

  • Total Institutional Members: 106*

*Includes: Sponsoring members, USA & Foreign


Total SALALM Members: 347

She continued by reporting that the sale of 8 publications for the 2009-2010 fiscal year garnered $360.00. Newsletter subscriptions for the same period totaled $250.00. Calvo noted a Secretariat donation of $75.00 to the Scott Van Jacob Foundation and future donation of the same amount in the memory of Marian Goslinga. She also noted the Secretariat’s first year in sending out electronic ballots, electronic membership renewals, press releases, and conference registration packets. These efforts saved the Secretariat a total of $982.56. Calvo concluded her report by summarizing membership statistics since 2007.

5. Treasurer (Garner). Garner began her report by providing an overview of the Secretariat, Tulane, Conference, and Host Representative Accounts. She noted, this year, all checks received and credit card charges were deposited in the Secretariat accounts. The Treasurer’s account, which would have received the monies noted, was frozen as of September 1, 2009 and closed on July 2, 2010. Remaining funds in the Treasurer’s account were transferred to Figueroa to be used for SALALM LV. She continued her report by noting that as of the 2010 fiscal year all SALALM accounts were consolidated at the Secretariat on recommendation of a fraud consultant. The Treasurer continues to be responsible for monitoring all accounts using SALALM’s tax ID number. Garner announced Barnhart as the new SALALM Treasurer. Barnhart begins her term as Treasurer effective September 1, 2010. Garner then discussed SALALM’s eight mutual fund investment accounts. She noted, as of July 20, 2010, the funds had a value of $630,094.11. Garner reported a withdrawal of $28,793.29 to balance the 2010 fiscal year budget. She does not anticipate having to withdraw a similar amount next year but she added “we will wait and see.” Garner continued her report with an explanation of SALALM’s role and support of the Marietta Daniels Shepard Memorial Endowed Presidential Scholarship at The University of Texas at Austin. The scholarship’s fund value, as of August 31, 2009, amounted to $102,501.10. Garner identified Rachel Little as the 2009-2010 Marietta Daniels Shepard Scholarship recipient. Little, Garner noted, earned her Master’s degree in May. Garner requested that the membership help in directing eligible candidates for the scholarship to the School of Information at The University of Texas at Austin. She concluded her report by answering questions related to the scholarship’s requirements and past recipients.

6. Rapporteur General (Delgadillo). Delgadillo reported as having secured rapporteurs for all scheduled conference panels. He continued by noting that with new work assignments at his home institution he may not be able to carry out his duties as Rapporteur General past SALALM LVII. To prevent this from occurring, Delgadillo requested assigning rapporteurs to future Town Hall and Business Meetings. He also asked that future Chairs of Local Arrangement Committees assign one of their staff to assist him with the logistics of placing and securing the digital recorders before and after conference sessions. Calvo notified Delgadillo that they will meet sometime during the conference to discuss his requests in detail. Delgadillo concluded his report by thanking the membership and Secretariat for their support.

B. Members-at-Large

1. Pike-Raichel (2007-2010). No report.

2. Shedenhelm (2007-2010). Shedenhelm conveyed several members’ concerns regarding future SALALM conference venues. These discussions led Shedenhelm to conduct a survey of 15 possible host institutions earlier this year. She summarized the survey results and urged interested host institutions to carefully plan their intention and commitment to SALALM as far as 2-3 years in advance. Shedenhelm concluded her report by asking the membership to consider the option of having SALALM conferences every other year. Lengthy discussion ensued with Benavides, Calvo, Block, Acosta-Rodríguez, North, Shedenhelm, Graham, Hull, Griego, Barnhart, Llamas, and Alonso-Regalado exchanging views regarding:

  • the history and experiences of past annual conference formats;

  • the role of the Secretariat and vendors in future, and possibly shortened, conferences;

  • the publication implications of the aforementioned shortened conferences.

Acosta-Rodríguez acknowledged the importance of the discussions and implications raised by Shedenhelm’s report, but due to time constraints, he requested these discussions continue at a future date. He thanked Shedenhelm for her survey work.

3. Mantilla (2008-2011). No report.

4. Delgadillo (2008-2011). No report.

5. Benavides (2009-2012). No report.

6. Knowlton (2009-2012). Knowlton briefly reported on several members’ requests to modify the José Toribio Medina Award so that there are two prizes given: one prize for a book-length publication and another prize for an article-length publication. Garner observed that this had been the practice of past Medina awards. Knowlton concluded his report by reaffirming this past practice.

C. Executive Board Committees

1. Local Arrangements (Figueroa). Figueroa summarized preliminary conference statistics:

  • Registered SALALM Conference Participants:   155

  • Registered Exhibitors:     43

  • Libreros Reception Sponsors:     33

  • SALALM LV Conference Expenses:   $25,868.00

  • SALALM LV Income:   $37,825.00

  • SALALM LV Profits:   $11,957.00

She concluded her report by identifying the vendor, Brown and Princeton University, and associated institutional contributors that provided support for conference breaks and receptions. Figueroa received a warm round of applause.

2. Constitution and Bylaws (Garner). Garner reported that the committee met briefly in order for its members (Calvo, Garner, Tarragó, Sercán, and Wright) to attend a discussion of the e-SALALM proposal/charge. She noted consensus among committee members to not only update the existing Constitution and Bylaws but to merge the two into a single document. Garner stated the committee will also communicate via e-mail and present their recommendations when complete. She finished her report by urging the membership to recommend specific article modifications to the Constitution and Bylaws in light of changes stemming from the e-SALALM proposal/charge.

3. Policy, Research and Investigation (Sercán). Sercán began by noting the committee’s work in establishing a communications committee that Graham will discuss under New Business. Sercán concluded her report by affirming the committee’s year-long commitment to writing a procedures manual for committees and associated subcommittees.

4. Membership Committee (Marcano). Marcano reported as having overseen a successful and well-attended orientation session for new members. She noted the same for the subsequent Happy Hour event despite a last minute venue change due to the weather. Marcano cited the committee’s ongoing work towards its mentoring and outreach efforts to new members. Marcano finished her report by noting the committee interest in possibly organizing a pre-conference at the 2011 meeting of the American Library Association (ALA) in New Orleans in order to promote SALALM outside its core membership. Calvo expressed her willingness to host a pre-conference at Tulane University. Barnhart, Griego, Hull, and Figueroa shared their experiences in organizing pre-conference workshops that might serve as a template for the committee to emulate.

5. Editorial Board (Mazurkiewicz). Mazurkiewicz read a report prepared for her by Mark Grover. She announced no published works in the Bibliography and Reference Series, Conference papers, and the Latin American Information Series. She noted the following as currently in progress:

Conference Proceedings

  • No. 52. Borders: Obsession, Obstacle, Open Door?, Molly Molloy (editor); will be published by October, 2010;

  • No. 53. Encounter, Engagement and Exchange: How Native Populations of the Americas Transformed the World, John B. Wright (editor); will be published by February, 2011;

  • No. 54. Migrations and Connections: Latin America and Europe in the Modern World, Pamela M. Graham (editor); waiting for papers;

  • No. 55. The Future of Latin American Library Collections and Research: Contributing and Adapting to New Trends in Research Libraries Fernando Acosta-Rodríguez (editor); waiting for papers.

Commercial Publications

  • Karno, Beverly. Frieda Kahlo Bibliography;

  • Stern, Peter. Bibliography of the Mexican Muralists Movement;

  • Williams, Gayle Ann. Bibliography of Latin American and Caribbean Bibliographies, 1990-1999.

Mazurkiewicz noted that the José Toribio Medina Award would not be given this year. This decision will not impact the composition of the award committee. Committee member Víctor Julián Cid Carmona will remain for another year and Víctor Federico Torres agreed to chair the committee for the next two years. Mazurkiewicz continued by reporting the board’s discussion to undertake increased publicity for the Medina Award. The board will also present a proposal to change wording to award criteria for nomination. This proposal will be presented under the New Business portion of the second Executive Board meeting. Mazurkiewicz announced Melissa Gasparotto as editor of the Latin American Information Series and Gasparotto’s intention to secure works to that series. Mazurkiewicz concluded her report by noting the board’s discussion of a proposal made by Peter Stern regarding digital publishing rights. This proposal will be introduced during the second Executive Board meeting.

6. Finance (Phillips). Phillips began his report by noting the Committee’s review of the Secretariat’s proposed 2010-2011 budget. He announced the Committee’s tentative approval of the budget. Final approval of the budget will result once decisions are reached related to the implementation of an electronic version of the Newsletter, which would free up printing and postage costs, and the outcome of a salary equality review, which may result in having to allocate additional monies to make salary adjustments as determined by Tulane and Carol Avila at the Secretariat. Philips also noted the Committee’s ongoing review of funding a table at the ALA conference next year. He concluded his report with a motion from the Committee. The motion seeks “to add the name of incoming SALALM Treasurer Anne C. Barnhart to all official business, tax, investment, bank and other such documents by September 1, 2010.” Acosta-Rodríguez called for a discussion of the motion. No discussion occurred. Acosta-Rodríguez called for a vote. The motion passed unanimously.

7. Nominating (McCann). McCann announced the selection of Lynn Shirey as the new Vice President/President Elect and David Block and Darlene Hull as the new Members-at-Large. She continued by stating that Alonso-Regalado will rotate as incoming Committee chair. She noted the Committee’s work towards guidelines and timeframes for running future elections. McCann expressed her concern with the low voter turnout during this election cycle. She ended her report with a suggestion that the Secretariat and Executive Board consider conducting future elections electronically. Brief discussion ensued with Calvo, McCann, Garner, Graham, Williams, Loh, and Griego sharing views ranging from comparisons of other groups’ experiences and costs to security concerns associated with electronic ballots.

8. Web Page (Gasparotto; not present). No report.

9. Enlace/Outreach (Celis Carbajal; not present). Griego presented the committee’s report on Celis Carbajal’s behalf. He began the report by identifying this year’s Enlace scholarship winners as Sergio Rodríguez Quezada of the Biblioteca de Santiago, Chile and Claudia Escobar Vallarta of the Colegio de México. He continued by noting the committee’s ongoing planning for the 25th anniversary celebration of the Enlace scholarship and its winners. Griego concluded the report by thanking Figueroa, Brown University, and the membership for their continuing support of the Enlace scholarship.

D. Interest Groups

1. HAPI (Mazurkiewicz). Mazurkiewicz reported that HAPI’s double volume, to be published at the end of this year, shall be its last printed volume.

2. LAMP (Shirey). Shirey reported the group’s decision to spend half of its existing budget. She concluded by announcing that Philip MacLeod will be the LAMP Executive Board’s latest member.

3. Libreros (Retta). Retta conveyed the libreros’ interest in creating a greater presence within SALALM and its associated committees. Lengthy discussion ensued with Adleson, Calvo, Griego, Alonso-Regalado, Barnhart, Retta, Hull, Shedenhelm, Benavides, and Acosta-Rodríguez offering suggestions and comments ranging from:

  • ensuring that libreros obtain personal memberships in order to run for vacant committee positions;

  • the possible creation of a libreros only Member-at-Large position;

  • the need to run for positions beyond Member-at-Large;

  • to the need for increased libreros themed panels and workshops in future conferences.

Retta finished his report by thanking those that spoke for their suggestions.

At this point, Acosta-Rodríguez paused the meeting and after consultation with the Executive Board requested that the Affiliated Groups and Substantive Committees defer their reports until the Business Meeting. This request was prompted by time constraints.

4. Affiliated Groups

a. CALAFIA (Loh). Report deferred.

b. LANE (Mantilla). Report deferred.

c. LASER (Knowlton). Report deferred.

d. MOLLAS (Llamas). Report deferred.

5. LARRP (Williams). Report deferred.

6. ISiS (Figueroa). Report deferred.

7. ALZAR (Barnhart). Report deferred.

8. LALA-L (Williams). Report deferred.

IV. Future Meetings

A. 2011, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Holub and Murray

1. Local Arrangements (Holub and Murray). Holub began his report with an invitation to host SALALM L VI in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He noted that conference dates would range from May 27th to June 1st with panels and lodging at the Radisson Plaza-Warwick Hotel in downtown Philadelphia. Holub provided an overview of conference sponsors, locations, related events and hotel prices. He shared copies of the proposed conference budget. Holub ended his report with a request that the Executive Board accept his invitation. Llamas warmly thanked Holub and Murray for their work and efforts to date. Shedenhelm made a motion to accept Holub’s invitation. Graham seconded the motion. Acosta-Rodríguez called for a discussion of the motion. No discussion occurred. Acosta-Rodríguez called for a vote. The motion passed unanimously.

B. Future Meetings after 2011: Shedenhelm and Calvo

1. Shedenhelm declined to initiate discussion on this agenda item. She felt this topic had been thoroughly discussed during her Member-at-Large report.

V. New Business:

A. Hosting Secretariat after 2011 (Calvo). Calvo alerted the Executive Board that Tulane University’s contract to host the Secretariat expires on September 1, 2011. She stated that while Tulane would accept a decision, if any, to move the Secretariat to a new host institution, she’s committed to continue hosting the Secretariat at Tulane for an additional three years. Calvo cited an incoming Treasurer, Secretariat moving costs, an established staff, and the support of the Dean of Libraries as factors in favor of remaining at Tulane. Benavides and Shedenhelm strongly suggested the creation of a taskforce, with a lead time of two-years, to investigate the financial and logistical implications of moving the Secretariat in the future. Pike-Raichel made a motion to accept Calvo’s commitment to continue hosting the SALALM Secretariat at Tulane University for an additional three years. Benavides seconded the motion. Acosta-Rodríguez called for a discussion of the motion. No discussion occurred. Acosta-Rodríguez called for a vote. The motion passed unanimously.

B. Proposal for Web-Based Version of SALALM Newsletter (Mazurkiewicz). Mazurkiewicz deferred the proposal for a web-based version of the Newsletter. She feels that additional membership input is warranted similar to the feedback sought regarding the integration of Newsletter content into a revised SALALM webpage. Mazurkiewicz is highly encouraged by the presence of new members willing to suggest and work towards these aims. She requested that she resubmit the proposal at the second meeting of the Executive Board. Acosta-Rodríguez noted his intention to make this a topic at the Town Hall Meeting.

C. Proposal for a New Communications Committee (Graham). Graham outlined her proposal to reorganize existing committee positions and formulate new positions to equip SALALM’s communication tasks. She noted these committee changes reflect the needs and opportunities for disseminating information about SALALM. Graham continued by stating that the formulation of a Communications Committee would enable SALALM to better coordinate and manage its online presence, providing benefit to current and potential members, and to SALALM’s professional community in general. She also noted that her proposal is related to but not dependent upon the current Editorial Board proposal to alter the format and approach to publishing the SALALM Newsletter. Graham feels that regardless of the future format of the Newsletter and corresponding title of the editor or content manager, she recommends that this role be a part of a communications group instead of the Editorial Board, as is currently the case. She next outlined the composition of what would be known as the SALALM Communications Committee. She summarized its purpose and activities. She concluded her proposal by providing additional background related to the composition of the committee. Graham made a motion to accept her proposal to create a SALALM Communications Committee. Pike-Raichel seconded the motion. Acosta-Rodríguez called for a discussion of the motion. Lengthy discussion ensued by Shedenhelm, Loh, Barnhart, North, Molloy, and Mazurkiewicz regarding:

  • the nature of the proposed committee member rotation requirement;

  • the advantages and disadvantages of having appointed members;

  • the necessity of having a non-appointed committee member.

Acosta-Rodríguez called for a vote. The motion unanimously failed to pass. Graham noted her intention to present a revised version of her proposal at the second Executive Board meeting. She stated her revised proposal would include language ensuring the inclusion of a non-appointed committee member.

D. Proposal for New Format and Content of SALALM Annual Meetings (Block; not present). Acosta-Rodríguez announced that the nature of this proposal had been discussed during Shedenhelm’s Member-at-Large report.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:03 p.m.


Roberto C. Delgadillo
Rapporteur General
University of California, Davis