Executive Board Meeting I

SALALM 61 (2016)
Executive Board Meeting I
Tuesday May 10, 4-5:30 pm
James Monroe Room, Omni Hotel, Charlottesville, VA

In attendance: Hortensia Calvo, Peter Johnson, Paloma Celis Carbajal, Paula Covington, Daisy Dominguez, Gayle Williams, Laura Shedenhelm, Betsaida Reyes, Miguel Valladares, Barbara Alvarez, Jennifer Osorio, Micaela Chávez, Bronwen Maxwell, Mei Mendez, Ricarda Musser, Debra McKern, Rhonda Neugebauer, Lisa Gardinier, Teresa Chapa, Anne Barnhart, Roberto Delgadillo, Sarah Buck Kachaluba, Phil MacLeod, Irene Munster, Rafael Tárrago, David Woken, Leif Adleson, AJ Johnson, Orchid Mazurkiewicz, Nelson Santana, Craig Schroer, John Wright, Alison Hicks

I. Call to order by President Paloma Celis Carbajal (4:10 p.m.)
II. Approval of minutes of SALALM LX as distributed via email:
III. Reports
A. Officers

1. President, Paloma Celis Carbajal:
In the interest of time and in light of regular President’s Messages on SALALM website no report to give aside from a brief mention that there will be an assessment component to our GoToMeeting subscription to evaluate what worked, what didn’t work and to establish some best practices for SALALM groups meeting virtually.

2. Vice-President/President-Elect, Daisy Domínguez: No report

3. Past President, Luis González: No report

4. Executive Director, Hortensia Calvo:
Provided documents concerning SALALM membership that indicate group is on-track. Membership numbers appear slightly lower because figures are from were pulled in middle of fiscal year. It’s likely that the figures will increase with membership renewals in the fall. Overall, financial SALALM is sound.

Carol Avila has been promoted. She only works 2/3rds time but still gets everything done. Her salary has been raised and her title changed to “Senior Program Manager”
Secretariat has been working on the current UVA meetings as well as the upcoming meetings in Michigan & Mexico City.

5. Treasurer, Peter Johnson: A link was sent to LALA-L before the conference with a link to the Treasurer’s Report located on the members-only section of the SALALM website.

$1,002,427 = Total assets
$4,044 = Total liabilities
$106,161 = Yearly revenue
$37,700 = Senior Program Manager salary (biggest ongoing expense)

Income stream:
In relation to income stream, it appears that membership believes in what we’re doing as shown by:
$20,000 (approx.) in membership renewals
5,700 in contribution to various scholarship and award programs (including Enlace) and
$1,000 (approx.) in goods for the Enlace raffle. This indicates that we are meeting the recommendations for a charity organization.

SALALM Endowment is managed by a professional firm that manages billions in retirement/investment benefits. SALALM is adhering to IRS requirements for distribution of money to support programs.
$974,124.81 = Total endowment (this is the adjusted figure from the end of the conference). The endowment is down a bit due to the slower economy.
$27,000 = Investment income from the endowment (money is invested very conservatively in a mix of equities, stocks & bonds and real estate).

Main concern is that we maintain and increase our membership. SALALM members are asked to spread awareness of SALALM among colleagues and, particularly, students. Conference costs need to be monitored. Collectively, this is being done well. If an endowment of $1,000,000 is reached we will be able to reduce the management fee; we’re about $25k away from that goal.

6. Rapporteurs General, Craig Schroer & Nelson Santana: No reports

B. Members-at-Large:
1. Melissa Gasparotto: No report
2. Sócrates Silva: No report

3. Teresa Chapa:
Follow up to request to look into how other groups pay for their conference coordinating. Two reports. One report from the Music Library Association which has about twice our membership and they pay for conference coordination through the cost of the hotel room (approx. $200 more per room). Art Library Association (ArLiS) has additional revenues from membership, including a journal. They are also a larger group than SALALM with about 1,000 members and 800 conference attendees. ArLiS pays an outside person for coordinating conferences. Both MLA and ArLiS are noticeably larger than SALALM so their approaches don’t seem feasible for us. We enjoy lower conference costs because we don’t have a coordinator.

(H. Calvo) How much does the consultant cost? (T. Chapa) It’s not something that these groups share.

(A. Griego) Spoke with a friend who’s a member of MLA. Was told that they nearly went bankrupt one year because of meeting venues costs.

(J. Wright) A colleague who’s a member of an Eastern European family genealogy history group mentioned that they hire someone to book the hotel and coordinate meals and this person keeps whatever revenue is left over (thus the conference always breaks even).

4. David Dressing: Absent (prearranged)
5. Alison Hicks: No report
6. Ricarda Musser: No report

C. Executive Board Committees
1. Local Arrangements, Miguel Valladares (Hortensia Calvo reporting for Valladares)
133 people registered for all days of the conference (figures from prior to beginning of SALALM);
7 people registered for one day
34 tables for exhibitors
7 people registered for 1 day
34 tables for exhibitors (note that some exhibitors rent two tables)
$27,990 of conference revenue – this is on par with other years that have been successful and shows a healthy base.
Miguel says that there have been additional registrants (8) but we don’t know their precise statuses.

2. Finance, Sarah Buck-Kachaluba:
Thanks to Peter Johnson and Hortensia Calvo for the financial soundness they provide to SALALM; there was a significant profit at 2016 conference.

2017 and 2018 budgets including the keynote translation proposal of $200 for next year
Registration fee raised to $130 for members and $150 for non-members.
$500 for next fiscal year for web development;
Survey Monkey subscription
SALALM Scholarship amount increase from $5,000 to $8,000
$5,000 for Hazen Fellowship.

3. Bylaws, John Wright:
Bylaws and Operational Handbook updates have been uploaded to the webpage and some small fixes will be forthcoming.

Committee is anxious to hear Roberto Delgadillo’s report on the SALALM archives as this will necessitate an update to the Operational Handbook. Likewise, they are interested in details about the the SALALM repository as to its function so that this information may also be added/updated. The Dan Hazen Scholarship and various student scholarships also need to be documented.

The committee has discussed having a 3-year review cycle so that policies and procedures are re-vetted on an ongoing basis.

4. Editorial Board, Orchid Mazurkiewicz:
The SALALM 59 (2014) papers are at the printer. SALALM 60 (2015) is still pending. SALALM 60 will be dedicated to Dan Hazen.

Bibliography of Latin American and Caribbean Bibliographies (2010-2011) Manuscript for 2011-2012 should be completed and sent to binder this summer.

In the Bibliography and Reference Series, Rafael Tarragó’s manuscript on the Cuban Communist Party is being reviewed and edited.

Two Latin American Information Series (LAIS) publications in the works.

SALALM Repository has had 42 new items added, the majority of which were SALALM publications (19 items from annual meetings, 10 items from membership, etc.)

Melissa Gasparotto will continue to work with the group while considering have all publications go online and offering subsequent items in an open access model.

5. Membership, Adán Griego:
27 new members, this is consistent with typical years. Last year were 33 new members which was a record. A few years ago we only had 22 new members, so 27 is a good number. 10 new members attended yesterday’s orientation session, which is normal and what we typically see at the Happy Hour.

Each new member receives a welcoming message from Adan. Most join SALALM groups that are open to new member participation. All new members received a message about being paired with mentors; 6 new members took the offer and are being mentored.

Mention of column by Manuel Ostos, ICYMI (In Case You Missed It), published on the SALALM website covering cultural news. This column generates lots of hits for the website and all are encouraged to look at it. Whenever SALALM members attend an event or do something in which they’re showcased they should send a note about it to Melissa Gasparotto or Betsaida Reyes in order to highlight all of our contributions and, therefore, SALALM.

Scholarships Committee reports that 5 out of 8 applicants were funded and all 5 recipients attended the Happy Hour.

Membership Committee was asked to look into guidelines for honorary membership. A small committee formed of Victor Torres and David Wokken looked at these guidelines. The information they gathered was shared with Membership Committee which in turn made suggestions. These new guidelines are ready to be presented to PRI for their review and then to be forwarded to Executive Board.

Membership Committee has a nominee(s) to be considered by the Executive Board (under existing terms). Nominations will be shared with the Executive Board in order to be voted on in a closed session at the end of the current meeting. Names of confirmed nominee(s) will be shared with membership.

6. José Toribio Medina Award Panel, Sarah Aponte:
There were 3 nominations and the winner is Sarah Buck-Kachaluba for the publication Eugenia.

7. Nominations, Irene Munster:
SALALM electronic balloting transition was successful. Only 61% (138 people of 226) voted, a decrease from last year so Nominations will encourage greater participation in the future.

8. Outreach/Enlace, Teresa Chapa/Betsaida Reyes/Daniel Schoorl:
There are two Enlacistas at meeting, María Luisa Bocanegra, and Gustavo Urbano Navarro.

The funding model for scholarship winners has been changed to 100% support rather than 80/20 as the 20% was determined to be a limiting factor for attendance. Enlace is now offering a 3-year, rather than 1-year, membership. Tickets are available for sale.

Enlace is celebrating its 30th year, so there is a plan to ask membership to consider giving $30 for 30 years when paying their SALALM membership fees. This amount would be going into an Enlace endowment.

(B. Reyes) A note of thanks for UVA for supporting an Enlacista room for 6 nights.

(A. Griego) As a past Enlace chair, encourages someone to write about Enlace in C&RL News to promote this “hidden gem.”

9. Communications, Melissa Gasparotto:
Website visits have increased 20% in the past year. Number of pages visited is down but people are staying on the site longer which indicates that visitors are finding what they need more quickly and staying longer. Website has been getting a lot of visits from Russian web crawlers (probably being added to link farms).

A lot of referrals from our social media accounts (e.g., Manuel Ostos column). A lot of traffic is being driven by Facebook posts by Adan and the SALALM Facebook page management and Twitter posts being done by Alison Hicks. The Digital Primary Source group also gets a lot of visits.

Website migration is set to happen in June/July to move to a more robust WordPress setup on a Tulane server. Committee chairs will need to coordinate with website managers to determine what should be moved to the new website.

(O. Mazurkiewicz) Note that the Editorial Board proposed changes to the Medina Award which were subsequently approved.

(T. Chapa) Betsaida Reyes and her husband produced a video for the 30th Anniversary of Enlace in which they interview past chairs. An excerpt from this project will be played at Town Hall.

(M. Gasparotto) Communications Committee recommends that their committee not be limited to five people. There is often more work than can be readily done by five people and a more flexible, open means of enlisting the help of others. This would be useful to maintain continuity of services and share labor. Inquires about the process for opening up committee for additional people. (R. Delgadillo) This process question should go to PRI.

(P. Johnson) Enlace money is dedicated for Enlace but is currently handled administratively by being embedded in the SALALM conference account under a section for Enlace. At end of last fiscal year, Enlace had a pre-balance of $16,515.95. Enlace funds will–pending reporting details–be treated as a separate budget column in the future.

D. Task Forces/Other Groups:
1. Dan Hazen Scholarship, Peter Johnson:
Last year a task group was put together to work on establishing a Dan Hazen Scholarship.

The first year’s award ($2,255.00) went to Patricia Figueroa for her work on journals from Spain during the early post-Franco period. The SALALM website will have a write-up on this project, which is also being presented at a panel later in the current conference.

Those doing research or projects for professional development are encouraged to apply for the Dan Hazen Scholarship. Applications are due December 1st and are available to SALALM members who’ve been with the organization for four or more years.

IV. Future meetings
A. 2017: University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, Barbara Alvarez:
There are two hotels as well as dormitory options. Prices will range from $40-$170 for double. Budget proposal has been submitted to Finance Committee.

Host institution will cover about $7,000 of conference.

A theme is in development. Possibly a focus on early Americana and trans-Atlantic materials as they are well supported by the William Clements Library (UM – Ann Arbor).

A possible day trip to Detroit is under discussion.

The proposed conference dates are May 20-24, 2017 (Saturday-Wednesday before Memorial Day).

Sarah Buck Kachaluba (provides budget details):
Total projected income: $28,325
Total projected expenses: $21,386 (Note: includes $200 for translation and $1,000 increase in Presidential Fund).

Celis-Carbajal: This year’s Presidential Travel was used for all speakers in round tables and was supplemented by UVA, which covered majority of costs. The total cost was approximately $10,000 for everyone, including attendees from Chile, Brazil, and Canada.

(S. Buck-Kachaluba) Motion to increase the Presidential Fellowship fund from $2,000 to $3,000 starting in 2017 and continuing in perpetuity.

Vote taken and Motion adopted.

Motion to increase registration to $130 for members and $150 for non-members?

(A. Barnhart) Why are we keeping the difference at only $20? Many organizations entice membership by offering dramatically lower registration cost for members–roughly cost of membership is offset by registration discount? (P. Johnson) To entice people to attend. (H. Calvo) Only 10 non-members registered this year. Under impression that non-member registrants are local people just interested in conference. (S. Schadl) It would be interesting to see the data.

Vote taken and motion adopted to increase registration (all yays, no nays)

B. (P. Celis-Carbajal-President) SALALM 2018 @ El Colegio de México:
Projected income $30,400 Expenses: $36,000
Deficit of approximately $5,600 Host institution contributing $11,000.
A major expense increase is hotel use for conference meetings. Some economizing will be done by arranging meetings in museums, etc.

Micaela Chávez (El Colegio de México):
Cost of a double-occupancy room approximately $130.
Hotel is on Reforma near many major historical and touristic areas in DF (e.g., Museo Franz Mayer,). There are some tentative commitments from Mexico City to provide some discounts.
El Colegio is very excited about conference but cannot host because of distance to the center of DF, traffic problems, etc. The conference is tentatively scheduled to occur the last week of May, 2018.

Usually out-of-US hotels offer breakfast as part of hotel fee (A. Griego).

Motion to accept invitation of El Colegio de México.
Vote passes (all Ayes, no Nays)

P. Celis-Carbajal: Postponing the following new business to EB2.

Closed Executive Board Session about Honorary Membership:
Vote on Honorary Membership for Scott Van Jacob.
Vote unanimous in favor of honorary membership for Scott Van Jacob.

V. New Business

A. SALALM Parliamentarian and Archivist positions, Roberto Delgadillo
B. Assessment of GoToMeeting. Appointment of members-at-large to create and distribute this survey and to turn in results to Exec Board by September 2, 2016.
C.  LCSH change of “Illegal aliens”: survey results and letter of support to hand in to ALA’s.
D. Open access for SALALM publications: implications for membership (especially institutional memberships) and loss of publication income. Is there a way that SALALM can reconsider how we think about memberships so that the value of institutional memberships is not reliant on publications?

Meeting adjourned at 5:28pm.