Editorial Board Report, 2013

SALALM 2013 Editorial Board Report

Friday, May 17, 11 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Present: Fernando Acosta Rodríguez, Hortensia Calvo, Melissa Gasparotto, Orchid Mazurkiewicz (Chair), Suzanne Schadl, Michael Scott, Lynn Shirey, Peter Stern, Gayle Williams

1. Publications and works in progress


 SALALM 54 (Graham, 2009) printed July 2012

 SALALM 55 (Acosta, 2010)  printed October 2012

 SALALM 56 (Llamas, 2011) printed May 2013

 SALALM 57 (Shirey, 2012) manuscript is back from the copyeditor, printing likely in Fall 2013

Bibliography of Bibliographies

 Bibliography of Latin American & Caribbean Bibliographies 2006/2007-2007/2008—final editing will be finished in June

 Bibliography of Latin American & Caribbean Bibliographies 1990-1999—will hopefully be finished at the end of this year

Bibliography and Reference Series

 Directory of Vendors of Latin American Library Materials, revised edition – Lynn Shirey has said she’ll consider working on a revised edition. If we decided to proceed, we would need to consider what format might work best and whether this would be an open access resource or for members only. Orchid will follow up with Lynn after the conference.

 Rafael Tarragó, “The Ignored Contender: A Select Annotated Bibliography of the Cuban Autonomist Party.” The manuscript was returned to Rafael with suggestions for his consideration.

2. Latin American Information Series

 Patricia Figueroa has expressed interest in developing her profiles of new authors into a format appropriate for the series.

 Melissa mentioned that two of the top ten landing sites on the SALALM website are LAIS publications.

3. Medina Award

 Three nominations were considered for this year’s award but no award will be given. Recognizing the changing demands of the profession and changes in publishing, the committee will reconsider the criteria for the award, the possibility of opening the award beyond the SALALM membership, and either increasing the award amount or providing financial support for attendance at the conference in conjunction with a presentation at the meeting. The committee will seek the input of the Executive Board and the SALALM membership. If there are any financial considerations, the committee should contact the Finance Committee as soon as possible. There will need to be a new member this year as one member cycles off (panel members hold three-year staggered terms).

4. Online repository

 Melissa has set up a bare bones version of a digital repository at http://salalm.org/repository/. The Board agreed to the following language for the site’s main page and permissions form:

o About the SALALM Repository

 The SALALM Repository is an online space for storing and accessing papers, presentations, and similar full text materials relating to Latin Americanist librarianship. Repository contents may be used freely, with proper attribution, in educational and other non-commercial settings.

o Contribute your work

 All submissions should be resources relevant to people working with collections and information resources used in the study of Latin America and Latinos living outside the region. All submissions will be reviewed by the Repository Editor prior to inclusion in the repository. The author must hold the copyright of the submitted work or have permission from the copyright holder for its submission.

o Submission Form

 I affirm that: I am the copyright holder; I have permission from the copyright holder to submit this work (for works with multiple authors); I grant to SALALM non-exclusive rights to reproduce this work electronically and affirm that this work may be used freely, with proper attribution, in educational and other non-commercial settings.

 The Board agreed to make the site “live” and recruit a repository coordinator to proceed with the fine-tuning (the look of the site, a name, any additional instructions for the site, marketing the site and soliciting contributions of relevant materials, populating it with materials we already have, etc.). Orchid will prepare a job description with the input of the Editorial Board, post a call for the position on LALA-L, and the Board will select someone for the role. The person will report to the Editorial Board.

5. Putting back-issues of SALALM publications online – Orchid

 The Board decided to include past SALALM publications in the repository with a five-year moving wall in order to protect the value of institutional subscriptions.

6. Changes to SALALM Papers permissions form

 The Board agreed to the new language prepared by Melissa last year for the publication permissions letter. This letter will be used going forward.

7. SALALM Papers in indexing sources

 Peter agreed to contact library-related indexes to see about getting the SALALM papers included. We could provide them with a PDF of the final proof for indexing purposes.