SALALM Editorial Board Report – 2014

Sunday, May 11, 3:30-4:30 p.m.

Present: Fernando Acosta Rodríguez, Hortensia Calvo, Orchid Mazurkiewicz (Chair), Tim Thompson, Gayle Williams

1. Publications and works in progress – Orchid and Gayle


  • SALALM 57 (Shirey, 2012) printed April 2014
  • SALALM 58 (Mantilla, 2013) 13 of 17 papers received; copyedit has begun

Bibliography of Bibliographies

  • Bibliography of Latin American & Caribbean Bibliographies # 58, 2006/2007-2007/2008—printing completed May 2014
  • Bibliography of Latin American & Caribbean Bibliographies #59, 2008/2009-2009/2010—nearly ready to send to Secretariat
  • Bibliography of Latin American & Caribbean Bibliographies #60, 2010/2011-2011/2012—hopes to publish this year
  • Bibliography of Latin American & Caribbean Bibliographies 1990-1999—no word on this

Bibliography and Reference Series

  • Directory of Vendors of Latin American Library Materials, revised edition—haven’t followed up on this
  • Ángel Esteban’s profile of librarians—returned as outside our scope

2. Latin American Information Series – Orchid for Melissa

  • Rhonda Neugebauer submitted bibliography on Saul Landau—returned with suggestions for revisions for a better fit with LAIS guidelines
  • Patricia Figueroa still interested in adapting her new author series for LAIS but no submission yet
  • Peter Stern considering an updated Sendero Luminoso bibliography but not until his Mexican muralists project is complete

3. Medina Award – Gayle Williams

  • Committee composition for 2015/2015 –This was Molly Molloy’s last year; this year’s Medina award winner will be asked if she would like to join (Sarah Aponte; she agreed).
  • Report back on rethinking the award criteria – no progress as of yet but they will continue this coming year.

4. Online repository – Tim Thompson

  • Tim presented a detailed report on his progress over the past year (appended below).
  • The Bibliography and Instruction section are planning to decommission their wiki. They might be interested in loading some of those materials in to the repository.
  • Regular updates out to LALA-L announcing new additions might be good to increase use and get people thinking about contributing their own items. Tim might also remind people about this at the Town Hall meeting.
  • Tim will contact Hortensia about adding the older digitized SALALM publications to the repository.

7. HAPI – Orchid

  • A new website will be launched in late August or early September. HAPI has a table in the librero’s exhibition hall for demonstrating the new site.

8. SALALM Papers in indexing sources – Orchid

  • Peter Stern had volunteered to look into this but there is no update as of yet.

9. Publication and IP-authenticated access for institutional members – Paula

  • This is worth exploring. We might be able to make publications such as the Bib of Bibs available for subscribing institutions.

Annual Report 2013–2014

Submitted by Tim Thompson

11 May 2014

1. Overview

The goal of the SALALM Repository is to create an online space for storing and accessing papers, presentations, and similar full-text materials relating to Latin Americanist librarianship. I began serving as the repository’s volunteer coordinator at the end of June 2013. At the time, there were a total of ten items already in the repository. Since then, another 15 submissions, from nine different contributors, have been added.

The system currently being used to manage the repository displays a hit count for each resource. The hit count roughly corresponds to the number of times a file has been downloaded. In November 2013, the total hit count for all items in the repository was 243. By March 2014, it had increased to 1,624. As of May 10, 2014, it stood at 2,658.

In November 2013, the repository’s category system was reorganized to accommodate a broader range of submission types. A primary “Repository Submissions” category was created and divided into two subcategories, “Presentations” and “Publications,” each with five subcategories of its own.

The following table shows a breakdown of categories by number of submissions:

Repository Submissions


Category Submissions
Handouts 1
Lesson Plans 0
Papers and Talks 1
PowerPoint and Others 10
Presentation Notes 1

Category Submissions
Articles 5
Book Chapters 0
Conference Proceedings 1
SALALM Publications 6
Working Papers 0

2. Enhancements

In addition to the new category system, a series of custom metadata elements has been created for enhanced description of repository resources. Four new fields have been incorporated into the repository submission form, and 18 new fields have been added to the administrative form on the repository back end.

New metadata elements


Submission form Admin form
Título Traducido (spa)

Título Traduzido (por)

Translated Title (eng)

Author Affiliation



Time Period

Geographic Subject


Publication Date

Presentation Date



Conference Panel

Conference Location

Conference Host

Conference Proceedings

External Link


Content Type

Media Type

Carrier Type

The submission form, which was originally located on a separate webpage, has been embedded into the SALALM website to make for a smoother user-interface experience. The form has also been enhanced to allow multiple authors (up to five) to be associated with a submission.

The layout and presentation of the repository homepage have also been reworked and streamlined.

3. Outreach

On November 15, 2013, an announcement was sent to LALA-L to provide an update on the repository and invite new submissions. A second announcement was sent to LALA-L on March 25, 2014.

All contributors to the SALALM Repository receive an automatic e-mail confirmation when they make a submission and a subsequent message notifying them when their work has been made available for download. A field on the submission form lets contributors indicate whether or not they would like news of their submission to be published to social media (SALALM Twitter and Facebook).

4. Issues to address

4.1 Process for adding older SALALM publications.

4.2 Strategies for eliciting submissions. Although hit count totals suggest a growing level of interest in the repository, contribution levels remain relatively low. Possible strategies for increasing participation:

●         This year, a follow-up link to could be sent to conference presenters, inviting them to submit their slide shows or presentation notes to the repository.

●         Next year, an insert could be included in the conference packet to advertise the repository and invite submissions. The repository could also be advertised and/or demoed at some point during conference.

●         The repository could be advertised outside SALALM, through venues and organizations such as H-LATAM, ACURIL, IFLA-LAC, and regional library associations throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

4.3 Platform and technical infrastructure. The current process for managing submissions involves two separate systems. The submission form is managed through the JotForm service using a free account. Once data and files have been submitted to JotForm, they must be downloaded and transferred to the SALALM website. On the website, the repository itself is managed through the free version of the WP-Filebase WordPress plugin. Files must be manually moved into WP-Filebase, where metadata is input based on the JotForm submission.

One possible alternative to the current workflow might involve using the Library of Congress’s ViewShare platform as the repository front end. However, the logistics of file and data submission/transfer still need to be further investigated.





Editorial Board Report, 2013

SALALM 2013 Editorial Board Report

Friday, May 17, 11 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Present: Fernando Acosta Rodríguez, Hortensia Calvo, Melissa Gasparotto, Orchid Mazurkiewicz (Chair), Suzanne Schadl, Michael Scott, Lynn Shirey, Peter Stern, Gayle Williams

1. Publications and works in progress


 SALALM 54 (Graham, 2009) printed July 2012

 SALALM 55 (Acosta, 2010)  printed October 2012

 SALALM 56 (Llamas, 2011) printed May 2013

 SALALM 57 (Shirey, 2012) manuscript is back from the copyeditor, printing likely in Fall 2013

Bibliography of Bibliographies

 Bibliography of Latin American & Caribbean Bibliographies 2006/2007-2007/2008—final editing will be finished in June

 Bibliography of Latin American & Caribbean Bibliographies 1990-1999—will hopefully be finished at the end of this year

Bibliography and Reference Series

 Directory of Vendors of Latin American Library Materials, revised edition – Lynn Shirey has said she’ll consider working on a revised edition. If we decided to proceed, we would need to consider what format might work best and whether this would be an open access resource or for members only. Orchid will follow up with Lynn after the conference.

 Rafael Tarragó, “The Ignored Contender: A Select Annotated Bibliography of the Cuban Autonomist Party.” The manuscript was returned to Rafael with suggestions for his consideration.

2. Latin American Information Series

 Patricia Figueroa has expressed interest in developing her profiles of new authors into a format appropriate for the series.

 Melissa mentioned that two of the top ten landing sites on the SALALM website are LAIS publications.

3. Medina Award

 Three nominations were considered for this year’s award but no award will be given. Recognizing the changing demands of the profession and changes in publishing, the committee will reconsider the criteria for the award, the possibility of opening the award beyond the SALALM membership, and either increasing the award amount or providing financial support for attendance at the conference in conjunction with a presentation at the meeting. The committee will seek the input of the Executive Board and the SALALM membership. If there are any financial considerations, the committee should contact the Finance Committee as soon as possible. There will need to be a new member this year as one member cycles off (panel members hold three-year staggered terms).

4. Online repository

 Melissa has set up a bare bones version of a digital repository at The Board agreed to the following language for the site’s main page and permissions form:

o About the SALALM Repository

 The SALALM Repository is an online space for storing and accessing papers, presentations, and similar full text materials relating to Latin Americanist librarianship. Repository contents may be used freely, with proper attribution, in educational and other non-commercial settings.

o Contribute your work

 All submissions should be resources relevant to people working with collections and information resources used in the study of Latin America and Latinos living outside the region. All submissions will be reviewed by the Repository Editor prior to inclusion in the repository. The author must hold the copyright of the submitted work or have permission from the copyright holder for its submission.

o Submission Form

 I affirm that: I am the copyright holder; I have permission from the copyright holder to submit this work (for works with multiple authors); I grant to SALALM non-exclusive rights to reproduce this work electronically and affirm that this work may be used freely, with proper attribution, in educational and other non-commercial settings.

 The Board agreed to make the site “live” and recruit a repository coordinator to proceed with the fine-tuning (the look of the site, a name, any additional instructions for the site, marketing the site and soliciting contributions of relevant materials, populating it with materials we already have, etc.). Orchid will prepare a job description with the input of the Editorial Board, post a call for the position on LALA-L, and the Board will select someone for the role. The person will report to the Editorial Board.

5. Putting back-issues of SALALM publications online – Orchid

 The Board decided to include past SALALM publications in the repository with a five-year moving wall in order to protect the value of institutional subscriptions.

6. Changes to SALALM Papers permissions form

 The Board agreed to the new language prepared by Melissa last year for the publication permissions letter. This letter will be used going forward.

7. SALALM Papers in indexing sources

 Peter agreed to contact library-related indexes to see about getting the SALALM papers included. We could provide them with a PDF of the final proof for indexing purposes.

Editorial Board Report, 2012

SALALM Editorial Board Report

Saturday, June 16, 3-4:30 p.m.

Present: Melissa Gasparotto, Peter Stern, Víctor Torres, Gayle Williams, Hortensia Calvo, Fernando Acosta Rodríguez, Orchid Mazurkiewicz (chair)

1. Publications and works in progress – Orchid and Gayle


 SALALM 53 (Wright, 2008) is published

 SALALM 54 (Graham, 2009) is at the printers

 SALALM 55 (Acosta, 2010) is with the typesetter; first proof is expected in two weeks

 SALALM 56 (Llamas, 2011) has been received; aim to publish by early 2013

Bibliography of Bibliographies

 Bibliography of Latin American & Caribbean Bibliographies 2006/2007-2007/2008—is nearly ready; expected delivery to Secretariat for publication in August

 Bibliography of Latin American & Caribbean Bibliographies 1990-1999—still working with Scarecrow Press on revisions; might be published by end of 2012

Bibliography and Reference Series

 Directory of Vendors of Latin American Library Materials, revised edition—someone to take this over from Gayle?

o Considering vacation, probably done in about 8 weeks after that

o Melissa noted that the vendors’ page on the SALALM site does get a lot of hits. Perhaps an online version (members’ only access?) might be best suited for a revised edition. Orchid will check in with Lynn Shirey and Sandra Pike-Raichel to see if they might be interested in doing another revised edition.

 Rafael Tarragó, “The Ignored Contender: A Select Annotated Bibliography of the  Cuban Autonomist Party”—to be considered

o The board wanted to review the criteria for the B&R series. Orchid will try to find this in her files and share with the group.

o The board will review the Tarragó typescript and provide comments by the end of August.

2. Latin American Information Series – Melissa

 Melissa has received three incomplete proposals and has requested full proposals.

3. Medina Award – Víctor

 No award was given this year. Due to past practice in the composition of the Medina Award panel, this means that there is only one person on the panel (past-awardee Molly Molloy). As the Operational Handbook states that the Editorial Board appoints the members of the panel and makes no mention of selecting only past-awardees, Gayle and Peter will fill the two empty spaces. Orchid will contact Molly to ask whether she’d like to remain on the committee. The Board thanks Víctor for his extended service on the panel.

 Víctor will distribute panel instructions he has prepared to the board for review.

4. HAPI – Orchid

 Due to time constraints this was moved to the end of the agenda, but the meeting was adjourned before it could be discussed.

5. Online repository/reading room proposal – Orchid and Melissa

 There was an overall positive response to the proposal. Melissa has already been informally collecting presentations from past SALALM meetings that could be included. We would want to make sure the content is discoverable in Google. It was agreed that it should be open access and there should be a mechanism for review prior to an item posting on the site. Melissa will investigate the possibility of getting an intern to help with setting up a site. She and Orchid will keep the board apprised of developments in the project.

6. Putting back-issues of SALALM publications online – Orchid

 BYU will be providing us with electronic files of the back issues of the SALALM newsletters and items from the B&R series. There was a general sense that we would like to make content available online but that perhaps a “moving wall” on access to recent publications could be established so that we don’t jeopardize sales or undermine the value of institutional memberships. Hortensia will pull together data on publication sales for the last ten years so that we can decide on a possible cut-off date. It was agreed that we could go ahead with the newsletters as the most recent ones are already online on the website.

7. Possible changes to SALALM Papers permissions form – Melissa

 There was agreement that we should update our copyright permissions form for the SALALM Papers to ask for non-exclusive distribution rights. Melissa has investigated best practices and has some suggested language. The meeting had to be adjourned so this item will be followed-up on via email after the meeting.

Editorial Board 2011 Report

Saturday, May 28, 2011 5-6 p.m.
Present: Daisy Domínguez, Víctor Torres, Hortensia Calvo, Melissa Gasparotto, Gayle Williams, Peter Johnson, Paula Covington, John Wright, Orchid Mazurkiewicz (Chair)
1. Publishing notice from Ana María Cobos and Phil MacLeod
  • “SALALM, the Seminar on the Acquisition of Latin American Library Materials: The Evolution of an Area Studies Librarianship Organization”  in Pathways to Progress: Issues and Advances in Latino Librarianship, to be published by Greenwood  in 2011.

2. SALALM Papers

  • SALALM 52 (Molloy, 2007) is published
  • SALALM 53 (Wright, 2008) with the copy editor; aiming for end of June for completed edit and layout
  • SALALM 54 (Graham, 2009) papers are submitted and in prep for the copy editor; expect copy edit and layout to be completed by end of summer, 2011
  • SALALM 55 (Acosta, 2010) papers are submitted; expect copy edit and layout to be completed by end of summer, 2011

3. Bibliography of Bibliographies

  • Bibliography of Latin American & Caribbean Bibliographies 2004/2005-2005/2006

The Secretariat has just sent it to the printer; probably available shortly after the annual meeting

  • Bibliography of Latin American & Caribbean Bibliographies 2006/2007-2007/2008

Manuscript in preparation; Gayle Williams is determined to deliver it to the Secretariat in fall 2011

  • Bibliography of Latin American & Caribbean Bibliographies 1990-1999 cumulation to be published by Scarecrow Press in 2012

The possibility of turning the back issues into an online publication has been raised in the past. Melissa Gasparotto will investigate the technical issues. Paula Covington will investigate the costs of scanning the back-files of this and of the Papers.

4. Latin American Information Series

Melissa has identified some guidelines for the series that she is going to publicize on the web site. She will also put out a call for submissions.

5. Medina Award

Víctor Torres reported that a recipient for the award has been selected and will be announced at the opening session of the conference. Víctor also agreed to put together a brief set of guidelines for future Medina Award Committee chairs (deadlines, how to identify possible candidates, procedures, etc.).

6. Hispanic American Periodicals Index

Orchid Mazurkiewicz reported that the final HAPI volume to be published in print is being printed this summer and will be available for sale for $550. The redesign of the HAPI backend system continues. There is a search currently underway for a temporary 3-year position as Associate Editor. This person will help with the move to the new system, as well as assist in processing a backlog of HAPI records. Previously, volunteer indexers had been offered a free copy of the print volume in thanks for their contribution to HAPI. Since there will be no more print volumes, volunteer indexers will now be offered a 10% discount for their institution’s subscription to HAPI (institutions who already receive a consortial discount will receive an additional 5%).

7. Copyediting of SALALM Papers

Over the past couple of years, the possibility of no longer using a professional copyeditor for the Papers has been raised. While this would save SALALM around $2,000 per volume, the organization must be willing to accept a greater inconsistency in the quality of the papers. Orchid will investigate the possibility of either recruiting more members for the Editorial Board who have experience in copyediting and could assist with this or identifying a qualified SALALM member who might be willing to edit the Papers for a nominal fee as a service to SALALM.

8. Online repository

Orchid proposed that SALALM create and host an online repository of papers and presentations related to Latin American librarianship. This repository could include papers and presentations from the annual SALALM conference that aren’t included in the published volume, as well as relevant papers and presentations from other conferences. Melissa and Orchid will investigate the technical issues and will put together a proposal outlining the criteria for inclusion, procedures, etc.


Orchid Mazurkiewicz