Constitution and Bylaws Committee 2012 Report

Sunday June 16, 2012 8-9am

Present: David Block, Hortensia Calvo, Cecilia Sercan, Rafael E. Tarragó (Chair), John Wright


Rafael opened the meeting and addressed the first item in the agenda, a recommendation made by Ana Maria Cobos in the name of the Nominating Committee to the effect that Article III Section 1a and 1b of the present Constitution of SALALM be changed to express the adoption of e-ballots for SALALM elections. The members present agreed to introduce wording equivalent to that proposed by Ana Maria Cobos in the section on elections of the new chart of the SALALM.


The next item in the agenda was the SALALM Mission Statement. The draft for a Bylaws of SALALM drafted by Jane Garner and now being revised by the Committee includes a SALALM Mission Statement. David Block proposed the statement, “SALALM’s mission is to provide information resources that support research and teaching on Latin America and the Caribbean,” and the committee members present accepted it.


During the revision of the new Bylaws of SALALM some members of the committee sent their comments on articles after their revision had been made. Rather than going back, we moved ahead, but with the intention of revisiting those articles. The members present revisited the revisions of three articles. In Article II Section 2 and Section 3, David suggested that reference to the Western Hemisphere and to “inter-American studies” be deleted, because that terminology is no longer in use. Those members present agreed to make those changes. In Article III Section 2a (Personal Members), Rafael proposed the addition of Paraprofessional Members, because the addition of this type of personal membership was agreed by the Executive Board at the 2002 conference, and those members present agreed to the addition of  Paraprofessional Members category, and to its being described as “Paraprofessional Members shall be those engaged in librarian tasks without the title of librarian.” Rafael also proposed that in Article III Section 2c (Sponsoring Members), this membership be open to individuals as well as to institutions willing to sustain programs and activities of SALALM, and the members present accepted his proposal. Because there is no longer a SALALM Newsletter, Rafael  proposed to change Article III Section 3 (Rights and Privileges), because presently it states “All classes of members in good standing shall equally receive general communications of the SALALM Secretariat and the SALALM Newsletter.” He proposed to change that statement to:

“All classes of members in good standing shall equally receive general communications of the SALALM Secretariat.” There was agreement to this proposal, but Hortensia suggested that there should be a reference to LALA-L in that statement, to the effect that personal members have access to it. It was agreed to continue deliberation about the exact wording to be used in this section of Article III. The draft of the new Bylaws of the SALALM says in Article VIII Section1, on the subject of the annual seminar: “SALALM shall hold a program meeting once a year at a time and place determined by the Executive Board,” but Hortensia remarked that the Host decides the specific time and place of the annual conference. The group agreed to continue deliberation about this section of Article III by e-mail.

The committee adjourned at 9am.

Respectfully submitted,


Rafael E. Tarragó, Chair
Constitution and Bylaws Committee




Constitution and Bylaws Committee 2011 Report

Saturday May 28, 2011 10:00-11:00am

Present: Rafael E. Tarragó (Chair) and John Wright

Two years ago, this Committee proposed the revision of the Constitution and the Bylaws of SALALM so as to be integrated into one document. After the committee meeting last year, our previous chair, Jane Garner, led this effort by drafting a document titled SALALM Bylaws, including the contents of the articles in our present Constitution and in our present Bylaws. Before our meeting in Philadelphia, the draft of the SALALM Bylaws compiled by Jane Garner was sent to all committee members by the present committee Chair. This draft was reviewed by the members present at our May 28 meeting to ensure that it contained all the information in the two documents that it is supposed to integrate, that the language was clear, and that references pertinent to developments that took place since the last revision of our Constitution and Bylaws in 1998 were included.
There are 15 articles in this draft, and at our meeting we were able to review the first three only; furthermore, there were two definitions that we felt we should consult the Secretary about. The members present at the meeting thought that it would be desirable to finish this review as soon as possible and that this could be done by e-mail. They decided that as a start, the Chair will send to the membership a copy of the three articles reviewed, showing where changes were made to the text as it was when Jane sent it to us before the Philadelphia meeting. After all members have reviewed the work made by those members, and the membership has come to a reasonable agreement on the wording of those three articles, the Chair will proceed to send to the membership the other 12 articles for review. They hope to be able to present a finished draft to the membership at the SALALM meeting in Trinidad in June 2012.

Respectfully submitted,
Rafael E. Tarragó, Chair
University of Minnesota