SALALM 60 Finance Committee II Minutes
Tuesday, June 16, 2015, 4:30-6:10 pm
East Pyne, Princeton University

Minutes, submitted by Daisy Domínguez (CCNY/CUNY)

The meeting began at 4:30 pm

In Attendance: Fernando Acosta-Rodríguez (Princeton U), Sarah Buck Kachaluba (UC San Diego, Chair), Hortensia Calvo (Tulane), Paloma Celis Carbajal (UW-Madison), Paula Covington (Vanderbilt U), Daisy Domínguez (CCNY/CUNY), Melissa Gasparotto (Rutgers U), Luis González (Indiana U), Peter Johnson, Nerea Llamas (U Michigan) José Morales (El Colegio de México), Jennifer Osorio (UCLA), Wendy Pedersen (U. New Mexico) Oscar Puvill (Puvill Libros), Daniel Schoorl (HAPI-UCLA), Laura Shedenhelm (U. of Georgia), Rafael Tarragó (U of Minnesota), Barbara Tenenbaum (Library of Congress), Tim Thompson (Princeton U.), Miguel Valladares (U. Virginia), Mary Jo Zeter (Michigan State U.)

Unfinished Business from Finance Committee I

I. Go To Meeting: The Finance Committee agreed to fund Go To Meeting for one year at the rate of $468. This software will allow up to 25 SALALM members to meet online at one time. The software may be used an unlimited number of times per year but should only be used for SALALM business. Paloma Celis Carbajal explained that the Communications Committee helped her come up with a streamlined password (that would obviate the need for Carol Avila at the Secretariat to provide a new password every time the software is used) and rules that users will be required to read and agree to before they schedule. The software does not allow double-booking, which will prevent any confusion on that front. Earlier concerns regarding a firewall preventing steady use of this software were allayed as this issue is easily resolved when an administrator downloads the appropriate software.

II. Interim Conference Report: Fernando Acosta-Rodríguez noted that he overestimated the number of on-site registrations, which is under 10 people. Everything else corresponds to the projected budget.  Additional information will be forthcoming.

III. SALALM 61 at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville (UV-C) in 2016: Miguel Valladares presented a budget:

  • H. Calvo asked if U. VA understands that the conference income will go to SALALM and M. Valladares explained that U. VA will use its funds first and then begin to use SALALM funds.
  • P. Johnson noted that the budget income numbers for U. VA. were substantially higher than Princeton’s. M. Valladares responded that these numbers are estimates and that he and P. Celis Carbajal were working on initiatives that would increase income. One such initiative is working with the Panamanian national library who may fund librarians to travel to SALALM.
  • P. Johnson asked if U. VA has guaranteed the $20,000 contribution and M. Valladares replied that they have.
  • P. Johnson requested that an alternative budget, or “Plan B,” be submitted soon in case the first budget does not pan out. Valladares explained that he is working on grants to make the estimated budget income a reality and will not have a Plan B until December 2015.

IV. SALALM 62: The University of Michigan proposal for 2017 was presented by Barbara Alvárez and Nerea Llamas at Finance I and the budget was endorsed. There is a second proposal from the Colegio de México which was presented by first-time attendee José Morales on behalf of Micaela Chávez who was unable to attend this year. There were several questions about the Colegio de México proposal and a conference call to Mexico was attempted during the meeting. H. Calvo and D. Domínguez agreed to speak to M. Chávez the next morning to resolve any questions in time for the Executive Board’s second meeting on June 16, 2015 at 3pm.

V. SALALM Secretariat Proposed Operating Budget for 2015-2016: Several changes were made to the previously submitted proposed budget, including:

  • Upgrade repository software: $59
  • Scholarship awardees conference travel: additional $500 for a grand total of $8,000
  • Dan Hazen Fellowship Program $5,000
  • Go To Meeting: $468
  • Technology (this was brought up at the end of the meeting; see below): $500

The new budget total is: $68,885.79.

VI. New Business – Libreros Conference Fees: The libreros Chair, Oscar Puvill, presented a proposal made by the libreros that all libreros would pay a flat fee of $800 that will include their table, coffee breaks, and the libreros reception. The only exception would be a 50% discount for small companies who are first-time attendees. Large companies who are first-time attendees would pay the full amount. The $800 would be distributed by the Local Arrangements Committee since the allocations vary from year to year. The libreros are happy to sponsor the reception. The proposal was made because the issue of disparate payments comes up annually and distracts from more fruitful and useful conversations related to work. This proposal was approved as an experiment for SALALM 61 (2016) in Charlottesville to be submitted to the Executive Board.

VII. New Business – Technology Needs: Melissa Gasparotto, Chair of the Communications Committee, recommended that the Secretariat’s proposed operating budget be revised to include $500 for subcommittee and affinity group software needs which have been suggested during the conference but which she needs to investigate further.  This proposal was approved.

Finance Committee Meeting II adjourned at 6:10 pm.


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