Closing Business Meeting and Executive Board Meeting II

Wednesday, June 17, 2015 1:30-5:00pm
East Pyne 010

Present Executive Board: Luis A. González, Paloma Celis-Carbajal, Roberto C. Delgadillo, Hortensia Calvo, Peter T. Johnson, Daisy Domínguez, Melissa Gasparotto, Sócrates Silva (late), Teresa Chapa (late), David Dressing (late), and Suzanne M. Schadl and Craig Schroer (Rapporteurs).

Also present: Sarah Buck-Kachaluba, Daniel Schoorl Miguel A. Valladares, Fernando Acosta-Rodríguez, John B. Wright, Ricarda Musser, Peter Altekrüger, S. Lief Adleson,  Barbara Alvarez, Nerea A. Llamas, Mary Jo Zeter, Phil MacLeod , Gayle Williams, Rafael E. Tarragó,  Mei Méndez, Pedro Esteva, Manuel Ostos, David Woken, Betsaida Reyes, Alison Hicks, Sarah Aponte, Nelson Santana, Diana Moronta, Tracy North, Molly Molloy, Adán Griego, Lisa Gardinier, Antonio Sotomayor, Tim Thompson, Talia Guzmán, Ryan Lynch, Ellen Jaramillo, Laura Shedenhelm and Jesus Alonso Regalado.

The meeting was called to order at 1:42pm with President Luis A. González presiding

Luis A. González expressed his appreciation to the hosts, to the Local Arrangements committee; including Fernando Acosta-Rodríguez, Timothy Thompson, Michelle Horgan, Rebecca Hoefler, Liam Marsh, Juan Polanco, Nicole Marvin, Robin Dunham, Francisco Fonseca, Jean Moyer, Mary Elizabeth Stroman, Gabriel Swift, Rosalía Rivera, Damaris Zayas and Kristian A. Kauker for their friendliness, helpfulness and effectiveness. He also thanked the Secretariat for help with guidelines and procedures and for maintaining such a strong membership. He extended thanks to members for developing and presenting interesting works. He closed by reporting that the Executive Board had approved three new honorary members: David Block, Dan Hazen and Richard Phillips.

Call for Reports:


  • President-Elect, Daisy Domínguez: No report
  • Past-President, Luis A. González: No report
  • Executive Director, Hortensia Calvo: No report
  • Treasurer, Peter Johnson: No report other than to say,  for those who could not attend either Executive Board meeting, that the organization is healthy financially and that we are thankful to those who support membership, ENLACE, scholarships and the endowment.
  • Rapporteurs General, Suzanne Schadl & Craig Schroer: No report


  • Wendy Pedersen: Absent
  • Daisy Domínguez: No report
  • Melissa Gasparotto: No report
  • Sócrates Silva: No report
  • Teresa Chapa: Absent
  • David Dressing: Absent

Executive Board Committees:

  • Local Arrangements: Fernando Acosta-Rodríguez thanked the staff of Princeton’s Conferences Services for their great work and session and noted 183 SALALM 60 participants, 34 exhibitors, 31 first time attendees (12 of them students).
  • Bylaws: John B. Wright No report
  • Policy: Research & Investigation:  Ellen Jaramillo reported pride in having a number of new members and first time attendees at their meeting committee shopping. PRI introduced their role and passed around an organizational chart which had been requested by the Membership Committee to help new members better understand the organization. The PRI Committee invited new members to comment on this document.
  • Finance: No report
  • Membership: No report
  • Scholarship: Alison Hicks stated that scholarship winners seemed to have a really good time this year.
  • Enlace: Daniel Schoorl reported a successful raffle, a pilot program offering three years of membership to ENLACE recipients, and some ideas for next year’s 30th anniversary, like merchandising and storytelling. Betsaida Reyes reported the benefits of having ENLACE awardees help sell raffle tickets.
    • Medina Award: Luis A. González reported on behalf of Peter Stern that the 2015 award went to Suzanne Schadl with co-author Marina Todeschini: “Cite Globally, Analyze Locally: Citation Analysis from a Local Latin American Studies Perspective.” College & Research Libraries 76 (2).
    • Nominations: No report
    • Communications: No report
    • HAPI: No report
    • LAMP: No report
    • Libreros: No report
    • Regional Groups: Luis González noted they had reported at the first Executive Board meeting
    • SIS: Miguel A. Valladares reiterated that they want to be a Subcommittee.
    • LARRP: No report

Future meetings:

Hortensia Calvo notes there will be a further report at the Executive Board meeting but one important change is that Michigan is proposing for 2017 and Colegio de México is inviting for 2018.

Luis A. González called for New Business. Having none, he passed the torch to Paloma Celis-Carbajal.

Paloma Celis-Carbajal thanked the following outgoing committee chairs and announced their replacements:

PRI thanks to Ellen Jaramillo. Gayle Williams will take over as chair
Membership: Thanks to Adán Griego. We are waiting confirmation of a new chair.
Scholarship: Thanks Mary Jo Zeter and Alison Hicks. AJ Johnson and Nathalie Soini will co-chair
Nominations: Thanks to Phil McCloud. We are waiting confirmation of a new chair.
Finance: Thanks to Paula Covington. Sarah Buck-Kachaluba will take over as chair.
Acquisitions: Thanks to Ruby Gutierrez. We are waiting confirmation of a new chair.
Library Operations and Services: thanks to Gayle Williams. We are waiting confirmation of a new chair.
E-resources: Thanks to Michael Scott. We are waiting confirmation of a new chair.
Audio Visual: Thanks to Miguel Valladraes. Daisy Domínguez will take over as chair.

Vice President/ President-Elect is Daisy Domínguez
Luis A. González (President) congratulated incoming SALALM president, Paloma Celis-Carbajal and Vice-President, Daisy Domínguez

The Business meeting was adjourned at 2:05, Wednesday June 17.

SALALM Second Executive Board Meeting

I. New President Paloma Celis-Carbajal called the meeting to order at 2:10 directly after the Business meeting on June 17, 2015.

II. Conference Reports:


Past-President, Luis A. González: No report
President-Elect, Daisy V. Domínguez: No report
Executive Director, Hortensia Calvo: No report
Treasurer, Peter Johnson: No report
Rapporteurs General, Suzanne Schadl & Craig Schroer reported that Nelson Santana would be serving with Craig Schroer for 2016-2019.

Wendy Pedersen: Absent
Daisy Domínguez: No report
Melissa Gasparotto: No report
Sócrates Silva: No report
Teresa Chapa: Absent
David Dressing: Absent

Executive Board Committees:

  • Local Arrangements: No report
  • Bylaws, John B. Wright: No report
  • Policy, Research & Investigation:  Ellen Jaramillo presented the following resolutions to be voted on by the Executive Board:

Resolutions for SALALM LX

  • Be it resolved that SALALM thank the Sponsors of the Book Exhibit Coffee Breaks:
    • Casalini Libri
    • Digitalia
    • e-libro Corp.
    • HB Books Publicaciones Chilenas
    • Howard Karno Books, Inc.
    • Iberoamericana Editorial Vervuert, S.L.U.
    • Libros Argentinos para Todo el Mundo
    • Libros de Barlovento
    • Puvill Libros, S.A.
    • RettaLibros
  • Be it resolved that SALALM thank the Sponsors of the Libreros’ Reception:
    • Books from Mexico
    • Casalini Libri
    • Digitalia
    • E. Iturriaga y Cía., S.A.C.
    • e-libro Corp.
    • Esteva Servicios Bibliotecarios
    • Gavilanes Books from Indoamerica
    • HB Books Publicaciones Chilenas
    • Howard Karno Books, Inc.
    • Iberbook-Sánchez Cuesta – Iberoamericana de Libros y Ediciones
    • Iberoamericana Editorial Vervuert, S.L.U.
    • Kaaterskill Books
    • The Latin American Book Store, Ltd.
    • Librería Linardi y Risso
    • Libros Andinos
    • Libros Argentinos para Todo el Mundo
    • Libros Centroamericanos
    • Libros de Barlovento
    • Libros de Todo México
    • Libros Latinos
    • Libros Peruanos, S.A.
    • Puvill Libros, S.A.
    • RettaLibros
    • Ventara – Librería García Cambeiro
    • Vientos Tropicales
  • Be it resolved that SALALM thank Susanne Bach Books from Brazil for their generous gift to the ENLACE Travel Award Program in 2015.
  • Be it resolved that SALALM thank the Local Arrangements Committee, Timothy Thompson and chair, Fernando Acosta-Rodríguez, for their tremendous work in arranging this conference.
  • Be it resolved that SALALM thank Michelle Horgan of Princeton University Conference and Event Services and her account representatives who staffed the tables throughout the conference: Rebecca Hoefler, Liam Marsh and Juan Polanco, as well as Nicole Marvin for computer and audiovisual support.
  • Be it resolved that SALALM thank the following individuals who generously contributed to the organization of the SALALM LX Conference:
  • Princeton University Library: Robin Dunham, Francisco Fonseca, Jean Moyer, Mary Elizabeth Stroman.
  • Gabriel Swift Program in Latin American Studies: Rosalía Rivera, Damaris Zayas.
  • Office of Information Technology: Kristian A. Kauker.
  • SALALM Secretariat: Carol Avila, Hortensia Calvo.
  • Libreros President: Oscar Puvill.
  • Be it resolved that SALALM thank the Fundação Biblioteca Nacional for allowing the video “Pedal to Discover Brazil” to be screened at this conference, and thank Debra McKern (Director, Library of Congress, Rio Office) and Carla Maia (Chief Librarian, Acquisitions & Cataloging Section, Library of Congress, Rio Office) for secur­ing a copy of the video.

The Executive Board passed these resolutions unanimously.

III. Motions:

Ellen Jaramillo also presented the following motions:

  • From Teresa Chapa, Chair of the Access & Bibliography Committee, to approve that ISIS (Iberian Studies in SALALM) no longer be a “Topical Group”, but instead become a Subcommittee under the Access & Bibliography Committee. In addition, they propose changing their name to “SIS” (SALALM Iberian Studies), given that the name ‘ISIS’ is now associated in a negative manner that does not benefit the proposed subcommittee.  President Paloma Celis-Carbajal asked the Executive Board if there were any discussion of the motion for change from ISIS to SIS. There was none. She called for a vote, which was unanimous. Her call for a vote on SIS becoming a Subcommittee under the Access & Bibliography Committee was also passed unanimously.
  • Paloma Celis-Carbajal seconded the motion and called for discussion. Having none, she called on the Executive Board to vote.  The vote passed unanimously.
  • From Bronwen Maxson and Barbara Alvarez, to approve a new Topical Group with the name of DiScoLA (Digital Scholarship on Latin America).  The specific purpose of this group is to explore what digital scholarship means in Latin American studies, to build skills and share knowledge about projects, tools and methods within the SALALM community, and to raise SALALM’s profile in this emergent area. The co-chairs of this topical group would be Bronwen Maxson and Barbara Alvarez.  The group includes nine other interested members. President Paloma Celis-Carbajal asked the Executive Board if there was any discussion of the motion. Roberto Delgadillo seconded the motion and Celis-Carbajal called for discussion.
    • Questions ensued on the topical nature of this group: would it be an affinity group or an interest group. Hortensia Calvo asked for additional information on this group and how it relates with others or fills voids for members of the organization.
    • Alison Hicks noted that the group does fill a current void addressing digital humanities which many SALALM members are charged with in their jobs. She also spoke to the uniqueness of this group.
    • Jesus Alonso Regalado explained his vision for this interest group to explore ideas and options in the digital humanities and decide the necessity for changes in the nature of the group after that exploration. Gayle Williams suggested that the conundrum is that scheduling conferences with multiple groups might necessitate looking at connections between this group and Digital Primary Resources or Electronic Resources which could shift evolution.
    • Antonio Sotomayor supported such a combination and Alison Hicks agreed to consider connections.
    • Paloma Celis-Carbajal reminded everyone that the recent purchase of GoToMeetings could facilitate meetings previous to the conference and alleviate an already tightly-packed conference program.
    • Miguel A. Valladares notes that we work throughout the year as working groups shortening time needed at the conference.
    • Hortensia Calvo suggested the questions underscored the notion of a necessity for an interest group as an option to explore.
    • Peter T. Johnson called for a vote on the motion and the board voted unanimously in favor.
  • Editorial Board:  No report
  • Membership:  No report
  • Scholarship: No report
  • Finance: Sarah Buck-Kachaluba: Thanked Peter T. Johnson, Hortensia Calvo, and Paula Covington for mentoring her into this chairmanship. She reported that the Finance Committee endorsed the University of Michigan proposal to host SALALM in 2017. The Committee recommended that the proposal from Colegio de México stay on the table for 2018. Hortensia Calvo provided an overview of the budget reporting process, circulated the budget to the membership, and noted changes for an added upgrade for repository software — an allowance for establishing a Dan Hazen fellowship and some additional funding for scholarships. Also noted were funds budgeted for GoToMeeting. Some questions for clarification followed and those regarded publicity and related travel, as well as telephone costs. The questions were answered and the board was asked to vote on the budget as presented. It passed unanimously. The Executive Board also voted to endorse the University of Michigan proposal to host SALALM 2017. It passed unanimously.

Hortensia Calvo noted that the Finance Committee had invited the Colegio de Mexico, for whom they had too many unanswered questions this year, to present a revised proposal for 2018. She suggested we could agree to hold their place until budget-related issues had been addressed. She noted she would be in Mexico in October and would be willing to consult with them on venues and budgets. Peter T. Johnson suggested it would be appropriate to tell them we appreciate their interest and we need to follow organizational procedure in reviewing the budget and proposal. We should tell them we will hold 2018 until they resolve issues in the coming months. Hortensia Calvo reiterated the importance of holding SALALM in Latin America. Peter T. Johnson moved that we accept the Finance Committee report to review a revised budget and hold 2018 on behalf of the Colegio de México while they resolve budget related issues in the coming month. David Dressing asked that we also move to indicate to the Colegio de México that we intend to hold their space for 2018. Paloma Celis-Carbajal called for vote on sending this proposed communiqué to Colegio de México, and it passed unanimously.

Sarah Buck-Kachaluba presented motions approved by Finance to extend membership for three years to ENLACE awardees. Laura Shedenhelm called a point of order and asked if the Executive Board needed to vote to approve this change. [Office1]

Sarah Buck-Kachaluba presented a motion from the Libreros to charge a single bundled cost of 800 for exhibitors, with half going to the cost of exhibit tables and half to receptions and coffee breaks. She noted there would be some possibility for modification, and that the host institution and the Secretariat would consider discounts for smaller vendors where applicable. Miguel A. Valladares asked for clarification because he understood a reduced price proposal for long standing Librero members. Hortensia Calvo pointed out that he was correct; the discussion was that long-time members among the Libreros would pay $675, $275 for exhibit tables and 400 for receptions and breaks. Pedro Esteva confirmed. Peter T. Johnson cautioned not to lock the organization into a specific amount of money and recommended a doubling of whatever fee is established for exhibition tables. Lief Adelson asked if there were legal issues attached to different prices for different organizations. Paloma Celis-Carbajal suggested tabling the issue since there were too many questions surrounding this proposal. The Finance Committee took the motion off the table in order to review the details with the Libreros and then resubmit the motion for approval via e-mail.

  • José Toribio Medina Award: No report
  • Nominations: No report
  • Communications: Melissa Gasparotto No report

Substantive Committee Reports:

Teresa Chapa reported that

  • Access and Bibliography had 36 or 37 attendees who discussed Latin American and Caribbean digital primary sources and maintenance of the lists they keep on their webpage. They addressed changing the visual format of entries to make it easier for the hosting institution to obtain recognition.
  • Cuban Bibliography enjoyed a presentation from Holly Ackerman presenting on behalf of Lynn Shirey who is working with Casa de las America on ideas for a future SALALM. They are currently planning trips for SALALMistas to Cuba.
  • Electronic Resources discussed federated search options for their materials listed on the webpage.

Gayle Williams reported that:

  • The Research and Instruction Subcommittee had 28 attendees. They discussed sustainable committee leadership models and chose to continue with co-chairs, D. Ryan Lynch and Bronwyn Maxon. Attendees discussed various projects with presentations from Antonio Sotomayor, Jana Krantz, Miguel Valladares, Alison Hicks, and Jesus Alonso Regalado. They will be using GoToMeetings throughout the year.
  • Cataloging and Bibliographic Technology had 19 attendees. They discussed linked data and BIBFRAME terms as well as developing an interface for entering metadata as linked data. Brenda Salem will step down as chair and Tim Thomson will replace her.
  • Audiovisual reported that Miguel A. Valladares will be handing over chairmanship to Daisy Domínguez. Their session welcomed a presentation for Joanne Edwards on Save our Sounds, a British Library program to preserve sound heritage.
  • Interlibrary Cooperation Committee addressed the appointment of a new chair and the Collecting Latin America book project. Some felt that recruiting a new chair might be hindered by the commitment required of the SALALM Collections Survey. The group suggested that the chair delegate the responsibility and develop a survey of the membership to determine why so few institutions are responding. The Collecting Latin America is behind schedule. Gayle Williams hopes that a sabbatical will enable her to edit.

New business

  • Hortensia Calvo noted that we need a Parliamentarian. While the Executive Board notes this position was held by Jane Garner, there is no mention of such a position in the Bylaws. Hortensia Calvo brought the question: is it important to establish the position formally and determine a replacement? Jane has been retired for some time. Roberto C.  Delgadillo has volunteered to serve this position in the interim. Hortensia Calvo asked if there were additional volunteers.
  • Hortensia Calvo also brought a question regarding an official archivist: The Benson Latin American Collection at the University of Texas – Austin is currently holding the SALALM papers. David Block reorganized this collection and created a guide which is accessible via the SALALM webpage. Questions ensued regarding access to physical SALALM materials at the University of Texas and about audio files from the conference. Roberto C. Delgadillo also volunteered to look into the question of an archivist and archiving this material. Betsaida Reyes noted that LANIC had agreed to archive the webpage but digitally born archiving post-LANIC remains unclear. Laura Shedenhelm asked if Parliamentarian and Archivist would be separate positions and she suggested they require different skills and levels of commitment to the actual conference dates. While the Parliamentarian must be present at the conference the Archivist can serve the organization remotely. She also asked if there is a deed of gift signed between SALALM and the Benson. Hortensia Calvo clarified that the agreement was documented in SALALM meeting minutes. Paloma Celis-Carbajal reiterated that Roberto C. Delgadillo had volunteered to serve as Parliamentarian and research the position of Archivist. Roberto C. Delgadillo suggested that if SALALM were to decide to formally create these positions, they should forward proposals go to the PRI. Hortensia Calvo asked if the Executive Board could approve Roberto C. Delgadillo as Parliamentarian. Luis A. González seconded the motion and noted that we could move also to invite Delgadillo to research the position of archivist. Hortensia Calvo amended the motion to name Roberto C. Delgadillo as interim who is also charged with researching to role of archivist. Paloma Celis-Carbajal called for the vote and it was approved unanimously.
  • Hortensia Calvo opened a discussion of the SALALM collections survey. She noted that many institutions use the information from this survey and it is the only instrument we have as an organization for comparative studies. She stated it is important to determine how to keep it alive and she volunteered to administer and disseminate the survey from the Secretariat as the Interlibrary Cooperation Committee transitions to a new Chair and addresses some of the problems with the survey– such as its lack of nuance regarding fund codes, its requirement to count full collections annually, its timing vis-à-vis budget cycles and high volume service periods.
  • Paloma Celis-Carbajal discussed another effort on the part of the SALALM Acquisition Trends Taskforce to better understand acquisition trends in changing environments. Some discussion of the differences developed. Luis A. González Luis mentioned the success of CIL (Computers in Libraries) statistics and suggested SALALM look at the kind of data collected there to see if there is something that could be adapted. Hortensia Calvo suggested we think about adapting them to ALA statistics. She stressed the importance of statistics and reiterated the Secretariat’s willingness to distribute the survey and disseminate its results this year.
  • Paloma Celis-Carbajal reminded all present that GoToMeeting has been funded by the organization, as recommended by the Finance Committee, and is available to committees working together throughout the year. She encouraged everyone to check the rules, for example a requirement that the meeting be for the purpose of the organization. She also announced that Peter T. Johnson will be leading a task force to establish a Dan Hazen fellowship and that task force members include: Angela Carreño, Alison Hicks, Mary Jo Zeter, Daniel Schoorl, Fernando Acosta-Rodríguez, Jesus Alonso Regalado and Hortensia Calvo. The task force will be moving forward with the goal of awardees by the next SALALM.

David Dressing moved for a round of applause for the host and organizers.

Paloma Celis-Carbajal adjourned the meeting at 4:07 p.m.

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