SALALM Conference Attendance Scholarship Annual Report 2016 – 2017

The purpose of the SALALM conference attendance scholarship is to introduce library and information science students to our profession who have promising librarian or archivist futures focusing on Latin American or Iberian studies. Our goal is to welcome them into SALALM, give them the collegial and professional support that will help them find jobs in the profession, and help the SALALM membership continue to grow with new members.

In the last few years the committee, a Membership subcommittee, has made structural changes to the award, what it provides, how it is funded and the manner in which it is given. Originally begun as a twice-yearly scholarship for students to spend on their graduate degree, it is now a once-a-year award that covers up to $1500 the cost of attending the annual SALALM conference. The award is now funded at $7,500 per year with an additional $500 for publicity, permitting up to five awards of $1,500 depending upon the pool of applicants. At the University of Virginia Charlottesville conference last year, the SALALM executive board approved keeping left over funds in escrow to prepare for future iterations, especially those in which there is a larger pool of successful applicants or for years the conference may have a higher cost.

This year, we received 11 applicants for the scholarship and the committee was pleased to offer the scholarship to 4 of them, one of whom was not able to come in the end (he was encouraged to apply again next year).  The successful recipients are:

  • María Victoria Fernández, University of Texas
  • Mark Sandoval, University of Arizona
  • Itza Carbajal, University of Texas

We announced the scholarship winners on Facebook and via email in April, and have established an informal “buddy” system with the recipients, pairing them with subcommittee members via email in order to prepare them for the conference.  In order to save costs for the conference and the scholarship, awardees are asked to share a room with a fellow awardee or a SALALM member.  This is a great opportunity to network for the new members of SALALM.

Current Subcommittee members are Jill Baron (co-chair), Adrian Johnson (co-chair), Jade Madrid, Tim Thompson, Jana Krentz, Talía Guzmán-González and Lisa Gardinier.

Jill Baron and Adrian Johnson
May 16, 2017