SALALM Conference Attendance Scholarship Annual Report 2015 – 2016

In 2014, the Scholarship transitioned to a $1500 conference travel award, following discussions at the Subcommittee’s meeting in Salt Lake City and subsequent approval by the Executive Board. At the 2015 SALALM Conference, the scholarship changed once again.  The Executive Committee approved the following major change to the scholarship, that it would be awarded only once a year in order to attend the annual SALALM conference.

At the Princeton conference in 2015, the Subcommittee requested funding at a slightly higher level for the coming year, to $7,500 (in addition to $500 for publicity), which would permit up to five awards of $1,500 in the event of another strong pool of applicants. Additionally, the Subcommittee sought the establishment of an escrowed account in which to build a deposit of funds from member contributions and any unused funds, beginning with this year’s member donations.

This year, we received 8 applicants for the scholarship and the committee were pleased to award the scholarship to 5 of them.  They are:

–          Hannivett Nabahe, University of Arizona
–          Lara Aase, University of Washington
–          Daniel Arbino, University of Arizona
–          Amanda Moreno, New York University
–          Emma Whittington, University of Texas

In order to save costs for the conference and the scholarship, awardees are asked to share a room with a fellow awardee or a SALALM member.  This is a great opportunity to network for the new members of SALALM.

The Subcommittee is asking the Executive Committee to continue its funding of the scholarship at $8000 per year. Last year’s total amount was $8000 (broken down by ‘SALALM Scholarship and Publicity for $5,500 and ‘Scholarship awardees conference travel’ for $2,500 – see 2015-2016 SALALM Final Budget). We have combined all of this into one amount. We would also like to ensure that any surplus for the scholarship is put into escrow. This will continue to build funds and encourage growing the SALALM membership.

Current Subcommittee members are Jill Baron, Adrian Johnson (co-chair), Katherine McCann, Nathalie Soini (co-chair), Tim Thompson, Jana Krentz and Jade Mishler.  Adrian and Jill will be co-chairs for the 2016-2017.  Nathalie is stepping down from the committee and thankfully Jade has agreed to promote the scholarship to Canadian schools in lieu of Nathalie’s absence.

Adrian Johnson and Nathalie Soini
May 3, 2016