Interlibrary Cooperation Committee 2014 Report

Interlibrary Cooperation Committee Meeting

Saturday, May 11, 2014

Presented by Sarah Buck Kachaluba, Chair

In Attendance: Fernando Acosta-Rodríguez (Princeton University), Judy Alspach (Center for Research Libraries), Sarah Buck Kachaluba, Chair (Florida State University), Paula Covington (Vanderbilt University), Melissa Guy (Arizona State University), Jana Krentz (Yale University),  Paul Losch (University of Florida), Ricarda Musser (Ibero-American Institute), Peter Altekrueger (Ibero-American Institute), Gayle Williams (Florida International University)

This year’s meeting was a brainstorming session seeking feedback on a draft of an outline and new ideas for the book project, Collecting Latin America.  We briefly reviewed how the project came about; that the idea was to produce an anthology which presented an academic argument about the importance of Latin American Specialists for the future of libraries and information organizations now and in the future; discussed ideas already put forth about contents, and added the following additional ideas:

1- Institutional repositories (i.e. digital/online repositories of Latin American Scholarship) – suggested by Peter

2- Liaising/instruction – suggested by Paula

3- Gray literature/ephemera – suggested by Ricarda

4- Collection analysis/assessment – suggested by Paula

We then discussed the timeline and how to move forward.  A revised call for submissions will be issued as soon as possible.